The Burstcoinist – A Burst News Website

The condensed news resource for all things Burst. High quality articles, opinion pieces and a global changelog.

The idea behind this site is that some people have or want to invest in this project but are not able to follow the forums on a daily basis, and need a resource for quickly accessing important information.

Visitors of this site are invited to register here and send in their articles and more to be published. Developers can send in their latest changelogs, articles or columns in as well. The quality of the text counts, not your name, pseudonym or were you come from.

  • Articles: Current Events, free from bias and opinion, factual, holistic views on all things related to Burst.
  • Columns: Articles which reflect the opinions of the authors, IMHO style, bias possible.
  • Global Changelog: Unite and merge all changes/improvements in the Burst-sphere: new software releases, new services, new projects … A location were we can track what we have achieved.


You can contact us by filling out the following form.

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