The Bi-Weekly Burst Report is produced under the flag of the Burst-Alliance, a community-driven initiative comprised of developers and highly motivated Burst ambassadors. We welcome anyone to join us and show their support

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Development Activity
Check the activities with the following links for the main repos:

Note: This only includes a portion of the activity from the Burst Apps Team

  • Burst development team scores big on developer behavior
    Burst Apps Team has scored an 896/1000 rating (Grade A) for Developer Behavior from Flipside Crypto, placing them among several top 10 cryptocurrencies.
  • NDS-A eligibility added to
    Burst Apps Team developer Zoh has updated the Burst Explorer to include information on eligibility for the Network Distribution Strengthen Award (NDS-A). This should come in handy for users looking to whether their node is correctly configured to receive the award.

Community Contributions

  • The 2019 BURST Summer Hackathon – Over 1 MILLION Burst Up for Grabs
    Submission Deadline is August 31st !

    The Burst Alliance is proud to host the 2019 Burst Summer Hackathon!
    Join fellow Burst enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs in an event that will sharpen your skills, challenge your creativity, and you could even earn some coin.
    Get more details here
  • Burst Meetup Bratislava
    Crypto enthusiasts from Slovakia and Czech Republic will come together to learn about Burst at Progress Bar Bratislava on August 27, 2019, where Burst Apps Team member ohager and Burst Marketing Fund member shefas will present and answer questions about Burst.
  • Updated Ratings for Burst on CoinMarketCap (CMC)
    Burst Apps Team updated the repository information for the FCAS Ratings on CoinMarketCap. The overall rating went up significantly.
    BAT member ohager is now working together with Flipside Crypto on Burst integration to gather more detailed insights. The objective is to identify and understand pain points and elaborate strategies for improvement.
  • 4k Wallpaper with HDD art
    Nice finding from BAT member blankey on reddit – check it out


BMF Weekly Funds Report
The BMF owns 5 accounts with the following balances:

All bounties can be found on the BMF trello
The BMF paid 58,400 BURST for bounties and refund of expenses.
The BMF50 Pool generated a weekly income around 5,500 BURST.
The pool has 54 miners and 1,459 estimated TB.

  • 30,000 BURST Roadmap-bounty paid for new free pool-software
    The BMF made a payment of 30,000 BURST to BAT developer Harry for his development of a new free pool-software in relation to the Roadmap-Bounty. (payment-link) With this new software, pool operators are finally freed from any license restrictions and BURST can open a new chapter for its mining pools.The new pool-software can be downloaded from the burst-app-team-github. The software is working with Java 8 and has a UI which is clear and well-arranged.We would like to thank the members of VLP pool (VLP discord) for their active support during the test phase of this new pool software.
  • New BMF 0-100 Pool with 1% fee announced
    With the support from shadow (Discord) and his powerful infrastructure from his existing pools ( the BMF is proud to offer a new 0-100 pool with a 1% fee, based on the new pool-software. Fees from this pool are earmarked for use in Burst marketing, development bounties, and other BMF-related activities.
  • Reddit move done ! New r/burst
    BMF and BAT moved to a new reddit channel(r/burst)
    Please join the new subreddit if you like to follow our updates. BAT and BMF will no longer state any updates on the old subreddit

Tweets of the week

Exchange Coverage

The Burst Apps Team has agreed to support new and existing exchanges wishing to list BURST. Exchanges may contact for technical support.

The author does not endorse and does not take responsibility for any project mentioned in the Weekly Burst Report. All content is for informational purpose only and is not financial advice


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  1. I have followed the instructions for config the full node and setting the P2P.myPlatform = . However, every time I start the Qbundle up, it changes the myPlatform to Q-MariaDB. What am I missing? Can I not run as a full node with Qbundle now? Where are instructions to setup and full node then?

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