The BMF (BURST Marketing Fund) is proud to announce a payment of 80,000 BURST to user Skipper and Jjos for creating a bundle of YouTube-Videos.

1) How to install Phoenix Wallet! SUPER EASY!

2) How to create account in Phoenix Wallet! FREE AND SUPER EASY!

3) How to claim free BURST on faucet using PHOENIX WALLET! Free and easy!!




7) Buy and sell unique (non-fungible) tokens: BlockTalk sample

8) Unique (non-fungible) token smart contract: BlockTalk sample

The payment is related to the published Bounty Program YouTube Content Creation.  (payment link1 & payment link2)

On our Trello board you can check the current projects/bounties that the BMF has agreed to support. We invite you to take a look and try tackling one of these tasks to earn yourself some Burstcoin!

Together, let’s build a strong and healthy BURST network


Your BMF Team

If you would like to support the BMF we have a BMF50-Pool you can join as a miner or a BURST-Acc for donations.

Information about BMF :


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  1. First let me say, I love this site and all the great BURST articles and information… It gives me great hope still in the mission of BURST as a whole and the reason it was started in the first place. BURST is the only coin that started in the early days, as a path to not drain the precious reasources we co-inhabitants of mother earth need so desperately to survive.

    So I am proposing another cog in the wheel to lessen our impact on the future inhabitants of the planet…

    I am posting, still waiting on blockchain to DL, a completely off the grid mining and pool facility proposal in the crowdfunding section of qbundle. The setup of the facility has begun already and will continue on my own if there is no public interest.

    I have a little over 5k invested in this, with the building almost set and level.
    The rest of this project will be done in phases, acquiring needed equipment and such. i.e. solar panels (calculated output bases on equipment and funding), battery backups, main battery bank, server, peripherals, etc.

    Phase 1 is to gain support and interest in this idea, obviously, begin work, and fund the buildout of the facility (It is currently partially finished inside but needs ground air plenum completed).
    This facility will be heated by the equipment (propane heat available already if needed at any point equipment can’t do the job,) and cooled by a ground-air system that draws air from around 8 feet down which stays around 56 degrees F in winter and 65 to 72 degrees F in summer depending on the month. We have the whole system dug so far at around 4′ x 4′ x 4′ deep (halfway in-depth and half as wide) and currently are hand digging the Earth-A/C and will complete the 8 feet as we go along. (a few months)

    I believe in this idea, and will accomplish this with or without partners, however the latter is much more preferred as it will greatly expedite the endeavor.

    We can profit together in a completely off-grid facility sharing mining, pool profits, and eventually from other ideas I have to generate more revenues. If enough partners get on board, at the completion of setup, we will start one of many assets. My thought is to have one asset per revenue stream and grow. Once running at a proof of concept capacity, then we set up another facility and another, etc.

    If you have any interest in becoming a part of this ground-breaking idea to help burst get more of a foothold in the arena, please don’t hesitate to contact me. tbhcllc AT Gmail dot com is email addy.

    I am still getting an error when I try to start the crowdfund in the local wallet so this is still up in the air as to when I will get the crowdfunding to start. It will run for 2 months and phase 1 will be 1 million bursts to finish building and any excess to start acquisition of needed equipment.

    I am hoping you guys will see the vision and help our descendants avoid a very harsh and different life than we co-inhabitants of this great planet have enjoyed.

    Any suggestions on anything stated please feel free to contact.
    This is the planned wording of the crowdfunding project below:

    As you may know, the earth is suffering from the huge amount of processing power needed for most cryptocurrency. The issue continues to increase, shrinking the available power on the grid, this, in turn, causes a massive drain on available resources and ever increases the amount of carbon spewed into our environment. My goal here is to see what interest if any, there is in a sustainable pool, miner, and asset set that does not use any, or very minimally the available grid resources to produce coins. Investors in phase one will have the largest payback of any of the subsequent phases of the project. The startup cost will be substantial and will be recouped into a wallet or wallets pooling of coins. The building has already been purchased. Payouts will start as soon as costs are met and the system is running smoothly. We have a 12 x 24′ air condition and vented building in place. In the beginning, power will come from the grid but will be weened off of said grid until all power use is completely sustainable. Join Now!

    Please share and if you are interested in joining me, do an article. That in itself would be helpful immensely in getting partners that share my vision for the future.

    Thanks for your support in advance.
    I will disclose my info to anyone who joins me and requires verification.

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