The Bi-Weekly Burst Report is produced under the flag of the Burst-Alliance, a community-driven initiative comprised of developers and highly motivated Burst ambassadors. We welcome anyone to join us and show their support

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  • STEX onboarding completed (BURST/BTC)!
    Burst Marketing Fund (“BMF”)
    is proud to announce that BURST is listed on the STEX Exchange since 10th of July! We want to thank everyone from the community who donated to help Burst achieve its first ever crowd-funded exchange listing.
    Link to STEX


Development Activity
Check the activities with the following links for the main repos:

Note: This only includes a portion of the activity from the Burst Apps Team

  • BRS 2.4.1 released, please update today!
    The latest version of BRS 2.4.1 has been released to the Burst Apps Team GitHub. This version include minor bug-fixes, option to bind V2 API and more. Get it on GitHub today.
  • Qbundle 2.52 released, please update!
    With Qbundle 2.52 you will get the latest BRS version and an update for the MariaDB. Please check your Qbundle 2.51. or get it from GitHub today.

  • Phoenix Desktop 1.0.0-beta.9 released
    Phoenix Desktop 1.0.0-beta.9 has been released, and with it comes some great new features like Deep Linking, Send All, improved Transaction Details and Block Details views, and much more. See the full release notes and download it on GitHub.
  • Burst Summer Hackathon Started – Submit Entries by August 31, 2019
    The Burst Alliance has kicked off the 2019 Burst Summer Hackathon, and with a prize pool over 1 Million BURST, things could get interesting. If you are new to Burst, this could be a great way for you to learn about Burst, contribute, and even earn some Burst too.
  • Interview with Burst Apps Team Developer Harry1453
    Community member Samus_Aran has conducted another thoughtful interview, this time of Burst Apps Team member Harry1453. If you have any questions you’d like to ask, please be sure to add them to the reddit thread.

Community Contributions

  • Burst Firefox Add-on Now Available
    BurstNeon member MrWho has published the first-ever Mozilla-approved Burst Firefox Add-on. It has a price ticker, USD converter, network overview, and more!


BMF Weekly Funds Report
The BMF owns 5 accounts with the following balances:

All bounties can be found on the BMF trello

The BMF50 Pool generated a weekly income around 5,000 BURST.
The pool has61 miners and 1,580 estimated TB.

  • NDS-A returns next week
    With the Qbundle 2.5.2 deployment as of today, we will pay the NDS-A by next week again. BMF will pay in total 20,000 BURST for the next two weeks to node-operators which fulfil the requirements. To participate in the NDS-A, you only need to operate a full-node with the current BRS version 24.1 and set your P2P.myPlatform to your BURST account. Check NDS-A last announcement

Tweets of the week

Exchange Coverage

The Burst Apps Team has agreed to support new and existing exchanges wishing to list BURST. Exchanges may contact for technical support.

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