First offical release from the Burst App Team (BAT) on the 03/04/2019.

Changes in the release :

  • Massive DB optimization, much much faster sync speed (Benchmarked at 7 hours to sync to block 600k on a 4C/8T 16GB RAM system, under MariaDB 10.3)
  • Implemented CIP19 – View incoming & outgoing multi-out transactions in the UI
  • Added new feature to sign arbitrary messages using UI
  • Fixed gRPC error descriptions
  • Comprehensive V2 API with all functionality of V1 implemented
  • Auto pop-off on block push fail with slow back-off, should prevent nodes from getting stuck forever
  • UTStore should produce waaaay less spam
  • CORS on by default
  • Minimum previous version is now v2.3.0
  • Enforce fee structure (Inactive)
  • Improved algorithm for transaction candidate selection
  • Check in gRPC generated files (simplifies build)
  • Tighter timings for sync threads
  • Burstkit4j integration
  • Rewrite support for UI (Apps that utilize deep linking such as phoenix can now be hosted by BRS)
  • Add a method to not submit passphrase when solo mining by configuring passphrase in config and only submitting account ID, and an option to disallow others from mining on your node
  • AT debug option
  • Improvements to AT implementation
  • Web UI: Display AT messages as both string and hex
  • Fix UT Store failed removal
  • Re-add getGuaranteedBalance HTTP API call as lots of clients depended on it
  • Test endpoint support for QR code generator
  • Implemented CIP20 (Inactive)

Release note


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