June 1, 2019 by the Burst Apps Team

Since our last update, the Burst Apps Team has been hard at work building new features and taking steps towards increasing adoption. Since taking ownership of the Burstcoin repository on Github, we’ve been working with the community on things that we hope should make an impact. In this article, we’ll highlight some of our recent accomplishments and outline some of the things we plan to do over the next few months and beyond.

BRS 2.4.0 is coming soon

First things first: Burst Reference Software (BRS) 2.4.0 has been soaking on TestNet for a few weeks without issue, and we will release a version soon for MainNet. 2.4.0 includes a massive database optimization, which means significantly faster sync speeds. It also implements CIP19 and CIP20, making Multi-Outs easier to view, and so much more. There’s more on that below, but please also check out the full list of changes on GitHub.

Recent Projects

Phoenix: A Burst Cross-Platform Desktop Wallet

We built Phoenix, a cross-platform wallet UI, to support desktop (OSX, Windows, Linux), and web. This wallet features increased security and a refreshed look and feel. A desktop application was built using Angular/TypeScript, and exported to an executable/installer using Electron.

Currently in beta, this project is still getting new features added frequently. One of the next features we’ll add will be a configurable Dashboard with new widgets, and a full node installer.

Burst JavaScript Library

We published a Burst-specific JavaScript library, BurstJS, to empower application developers and to facilitate in the development of a cross-platform wallet. BurstJS contains packages for common actions like user creation, passphrase generation, downloading the blockchain, signing transactions, and encrypting/decrypting messages.

Although the library is considered stable, new features, e.g. more API and utility functions, will be added over time. Read the documentation here.

New Blockchain Explorer

We developed a new blockchain explorer using using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Bootstrap. It contains multiple helpful charts, a network observer, world map, and more. Last week, we published the source code under GPL so that anyone can host their own Burst Explorer if they so choose.

Incoming Multi-Out Support in Wallet

In 2.4.0, recipients of multi-out payments will have the ability to see those transactions in their wallet just like any other transaction. This will improve the usability of multi-outs for exchanges, scripts, etc. trying to receive payments via multi-out. Phoenix also supports this feature already out of the box, so Phoenix users shouldn’t need to upgrade.

Upcoming Projects

Improved Smart Contracts

Burst was the first coin to implement turing complete smart contracts by using the CIYAM implementation of Autonomous Transaction specification. While this implementation is very sound, it is very cumbersome and not very approachable by developers. BlockTalk is an extended BURST smart contract framework which aids in the creation and deployment of smart contracts via a simple and concise language (Java), and a simple interface for deploying to the blockchain. It includes tools and code snippets to assist in the process, and helps manage the minimal fees involved with running smart contracts.

Phoenix Mobile

The Phoenix project includes a mobile Burst wallet which runs on iOS and Android. Community member Titanishu continues to chip away on this React Native app, and will soon get support from the Burst Apps Team as well. Currently, the app scaffolding is complete, users can create new/existing accounts, and protect them with a PIN. Thanks to BurstJS, we expect additional features will be easy to add, and for development velocity to increase on this project in the near future. Read more in CIP-18.

New Pool Software

Harry1453 is working on a new piece of pool software. It will be licensed under the GNU GPLv3, so everyone can run a pool without concerns over licensing if they wish to do so. At the end of this month, the new pool software is entering open beta, with our flagship pool partner being VoipLanParty.

Updated Roadmap: Instant Payments & The Dymaxion

So much has been accomplished since our last development update, and we’ve updated the Burst Roadmap accordingly. The biggest change is that we have replaced PoC3 with The Dymaxion on the Long Term Roadmap. While still in early stages of CIP drafting, we hope to deliver on the ambitious goals described in The Dymaxion whitepaper regarding instant payments. We will have more information in an upcoming Development Report. While we wish we had the time and resources to do everything, we want to be realistic and transparent with the community about our plans.

Since Burst is community-driven, our goal for the Roadmap is to update it regularly with community projects and goals. If you are working on something and would like it featured on the Roadmap, please reach out to us; it could be a great way to gain some exposure and get some help.


The Burst Apps Team remains committed to Burst’s success. We want to thank everyone who has worked on Burst thus far, the Burst Marketing Fund, its donors, the Burst Creative Team and the community. We remain humble, proud to be a part in helping build the world’s greenest cryptocurrency. Looking forward, we’d like to welcome and encourage anyone who wants to contribute to a revolutionary open source project to join us on GitHub, Discord, or Twitter.


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