We like to give a short status update to the community in regards to the communication from Poloniex on Friday the 10th of May.

BAT nor any member of BMF was informed about the Poloniex decision on the 10th of May. Why Poloniex decided to close the order-book can be only guessed, but no facts are on the table at the time of writing.

But one thing we do know for sure, it can’t ┬ábe because of a lack of development or engagement of the community.

Some facts :

  • New Explorer
  • Releases of Phoenix beta on 6th of may
  • BlockTalk is making really good progress (smart contracts in Java)
  • BRS next update is coming
  • New Pool Software
  • Marketing starts well in April/May (Giveaways, new faucet, new bounties)

BAT and BMF will stay on BURST with full attention, and we are not willing to give up because some exchange decided to close an order book.

BAT will keep in contact with Bittrex and on the other hand, we will also try to introduce a BURST-Crypto DEX asap to get detached from exchange dictate.

This letter is signed by Harry, Blankey, Ohager, Frank_the_tank , Jello and Jjos and in the name of all other BAT and BMF members.

We will keep Burstcoin alive and with newest technology ready for business


BAT & BMF-Team


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