The BlockTalk project is on track and we are proud to announce that Milestone 1 & 2 are reached and paid to the development team.

The vision of BlockTalk is to have a state-of-the-art and easy to deploy framework for smart contracts.(see announcement of BlockTalk) The project decision was to make use of Java as the first high-level language to implement this framework.(see Bounty announcement for BlockTalk).

Milestone 1 & 2 reached by this week!

Milestone 1 – BlockTalk Java library and basic API
The goal of this milestone was to create a Java library encapsulating low level AT functions, supporting types for Boolean,int,address,timestamp and string. Also a basic API aka contract specification should be finished.
The code for this Milestone are deployed here :

100,000 BURST was paid out to the development (jjos)(Payment-Link)

Milestone 2 – BlockTalk blockchain Emulator
The goal of this milestone was to create a graphical user interface with the ability for developers to check BlockTalk smart contract code within a “sandbox” testnet. Step by step run (debug) of smart contracts should also be possible. The code for this Milestone can be reached here

100,000 BURST was paid out to the development (jjos)(Payment-Link)

The following video demonstrates the Emulator in action

We invite any interested Java-developer to check the code on BlockTalk-github and play with the AT-Tesnet.The AT-Testnet can be reached via an online-wallet and a faucet is installed to get 5,000 BURST as often as you like. Enjoy a video about easy deployment with the current status of BlockTalk software

As a high-level overview the following parts in green are done and in organe in progress :

Although the project is already underway, anyone who like to join the project is welcome and should send a contact request to frank_the_tank on discord.

For more information on BlockTalk, see also CIP20 and the community call for AT ideas

We look forward to seeing people using BlockTalk in the near future for their own ATs on the BURST blockchain.


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