The Burst Marketing Fund (BMF) is proud to announce a BlockTalk-Bounty about 900,000 BURST.

BMF and The Yelling Group recognize the potential of smart contracts, and hope to polish the BURST CIYAM Automated Transaction (AT) diamond to a shine in a very short time. As a result, BMF and The Yelling Group are offering up to 900,000 BURST to encourage the improvement and adoption of BURST ATs.

This bounty is made possible thanks to a 300,000 BURST donation from BMF and an additional 600,000 BURST from the Yelling Group.

This is BMF’s largest bounty to date, we hope to attract other developers to join in the development of this project.

  1. Produce an easy to use framework for building and deploying smart contracts on the BURST blockchain.
  2. All steps with source released under GPLv3 license on github.

To help align developer goals with BMF and main sponsor Yelling’s visibility into the project, the following milestones have been defined:

100k BURST is still holding back for upcoming changes which need to be covered while the project progress and new challenges will be discovered.

The following high-level overview should show the connection between the milestones and the upcoming BlockTalk framework :

The vision of BlockTalk is to have a state-of-the-art and easy to deploy framework for smart contracts.(see announcement of BlockTalk) In the current project phase the decision was made to use Java as the first high-level language to implement this framework. The idea is to have later also the possibility to add other common high-level programming-languages to this framework.

Although the project is already underway, anyone who like to join the project is welcome and should send a contact request to frank_the_tank on discord.

For more information on BlockTalk, see CIP20 and the community call for AT ideas.

We look forward to seeing people using BlockTalk in the near future for their own ATs on the BURST blockchain.


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