BlockTalk was announced one week ago (BlockTalk – the new smart way for BURST AT) and development began with a first milestone in creating an emulator to test the functionality of an AT written in Java.

With the emulator a developer can use his Java JDK and create the smart-contract (AT) in his common programming language (Java). The developer is able to fake a burst testnet and play with the behavior of his AT with different tx – like sending burst with or without message or receiving a command over a message.

Here you can see a simple “Hello world” contract in action :

Also an auction contract was written and tested successfully :

Note: BlockTalk will run as an open-source project and the emulator and other components will be published on github in the near future.

First steps for BlockTalk were made this week – we hope for your support – so that we can continue the development of BlockTalk  – the new intelligent way for BURST AT.

For any feedback or discussion leave a comment here or on contact direct jjos on discord.



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