Following the BMF announcement from the 11th of February 2019 funding 525,000 BURST to strengthen the BAT development and the BURST roadmap (article), we are proud to pay the second part of this fund to the developers of the BURST eco-system.

Within the last 3 days the Burst Apps Team deployed BRS 2.3.0 and an update for QBundle (2.5.1) which enables users to upgrade to BRS 2.3.0.

The 100,000 BURST has been paid to the developer harry1453, who did an amazing job of organizing and developing the new Burst Reference Software. (payment link)

The new version of BRS can be simply downloaded via

Looking to the bounty you can still earn up to 415,000 BURST by joining the Burst App Teams (BAT) and contributing to the following components:

  • 180,000 BURST for the release of Phoenix
  • 100,000 BURST for the release of BRS 2.3.0  Completed!
  • 75,000 BURST for the release of Easy2BURST ( Replaces Qbundle)
  • 60,000 BURST for the release of a BURST IOS App on TestFlight
  • 40,000 BURST for the release of Rosetta
  • 30,000 BURST for the release of a free new pool-software
  • 20,000 BURST for the release of a new BURST explorer
  • 10,000 BURST for the release of a new BURST crawler
  • 10,000 BURST for the release of a stable Burst JavaScript Library Completed!

Just join on reddit or on discord and contact the current development team.

If you wish to support the developers directly, you can find on our Trello board under “Accepting Donations” a list of BAT members, the project(s) they are working on, and their BURST addresses.

In addition to motivating our current team of developers, the BMF hopes that these bounties will send a message to the broader cryptocurrency community and attract new developers to the Burst Apps Team (BAT); further strengthening our development community and ecosystem.

Together, let’s build a strong and healthy BURST network

Your BMF Team

If you would like to support the BMF we have a BMF50-Pool you can join as a miner or a BURST-Acc for donations.

Information about BMF :



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