The Weekly Burst is a report published every Sunday that summarizes and outlines the Burst community’s activities for the week.

The Weekly Burst Report is produced under the flag of the Burst Alliance, a community-driven initiative comprised of developers and highly motivated Burst ambassadors. We welcome anyone to join us and show their support

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BRS 2.3.0 released by Burst Apps Team

The first Burst Apps Team Release for BRS 2.3.0 has been published to GitHub. This version contains a solution to the Reward Assignment issue which has been affecting miners recently, gRPC mining support, dramatically improved bootstrap times, and a plethora of other performance improvements – including a fix for a significant security vulnerability (more information on that below). Due to the important security update in this release, node operators are urged to upgrade immediately.

Changes with this release :

  • Fix of major security vulnerability where passphrase was sent to node upon login.
  • gRPC-based V2 API. Currently only contains calls needed for mining, will be expanded in future if well received.
  • Migrate to GSON as JSON library
  • Significantly improve sync speed, as well as other minor performance improvements
  • New Semver-based versioning system
  • Fix bug where reward recipient assignments would not go into unconfirmed transactions
  • Lightweight Desktop GUI, with tray icon (For windows and mac, can be disabled with “–headless” command line argument)
  • Automatically add conf/ directory to classpath
  • Configurable TestNet UI/API port
  • New getAccountsWithName API call
  • UI: Fix 24h timestamp display option
  • Allow development versions of wallet to run on TestNet only
  • Fixed bug where string validation could fail in certain locales
  • Use FlywayDB for database migration management


Development Activity
This only includes a portion of the activity from the Burst Apps Team.  
It does not include private repositories or projects belonging to other teams:

  • Additions: 1,449
  • Deletions: 138
  • Commits: 3

  • Critical Security Update
    A critical security issue was discovered on Saturday, March 3, 2019 which impacts some users of online BURST wallets. Introduced in 2.2.0, this bug results in some users of online wallets having their passphrase sent to the server upon login. If you used a wallet that was not setup to use SSL, your passphrase will have been sent over the wire in plaintext, meaning anyone who intercepts your packet could read your passphrase. Even with SSL, a proxy on the server could have intercepted, potentially even logged, your passphrase. If you have used an online BURST wallet since 2.2.0, it is recommended to transfer any funds from accounts that may be impacted. As a reminder, usage of online wallets is discouraged. If you must use an online wallet, please be sure it uses HTTPS. Users of the Android mobile app are not impacted.

    This issue is fixed in BRS 2.3.0, which has been released and will be available via QBundle soon. All BURST users, especially pool operators, are encouraged to upgrade to 2.3.0 immediately
  • Optimised Shabals brought to jminer and creepMiner
    Burst Apps Team member harry1453 ported Scavenger’s super fast shabal routines for mining to miners jminer and creepMiner. This gave a ~27% performance in creepMiner, and the difference in jminer is not easily measured as it was previously GPU-only, but rest assured that it will be very fast. The performance improvements are available in creepMiner 1.9.0 (pre-release) and in jminer 0.6.0 and should bring back some competition between mining software, meaning more choice for miners.
  • Addressing the Reward Recipient Assignment Issue
    In the last Weekly, we addressed a problem with Reward Assignment.
    Burst App Team member harry1453 analysed in detail the problem and fixed it within the current BRS 2.3.0 release. A detailed report can be found on reddit.
  • BURST Explorer Update
    The Burst Apps Team announced that a new chart has been added to depicting the Burst estimated network size

Community Contributions

  • BURST Traffic Award
    BMF member Semaphore_Slim announced the winners of the BURST Traffic Award (Week 2) and also provided updates about Week 3 of the raffle – including an increase in the price pool to 50,000 Burst. Purchases of Burst from exchanges, regular transactions on the network, donations to BMF, and joining the BMF50 pool all earn you raffle entries. Check out the introductory reddit post for more details on the raffle and the Week 2 reward announcement for the list of this week’s winners.
  • Interview with BAT member nixops
    User Samus Aran moderated a interview with nxiops aka Daniel Jones last sunday 02/24/2019. Read the full interview here
  • New Online-Only Wallet Announced
    Twitter account @Burst_ES recently tweeted some screenshots of a new online-only BURST wallet in development, aimed at businesses seeking to accept BURST as payment. Notable features include automatic account funding and personal payment URL.


BMF Weekly Funds Report
The BMF owns 3 account with the following balances:

The BMF paid 2,025 BURST for bounties and NDS-A.
All bounties can be found on the BMF trello

The BMF50 Pool generated an income of 15,800.33 BURST. ( weekly )
The pool has 67 miners and 5,725 estimated TB.

  • Bounty Reward Update
    The BMF-team decided this week to double the bounty offered for Ledger-Hardware Wallet Integration – raising the reward from 50,000 to 100,000 Burst. Read more
  • Weekly NDS-Award paid on 03/02/2019
    81 node operators received the NDS-A while 2,025 BURST in total were distributed.

Exchange & Trading

  • Trading Metrics  (via ChainSage)
  • Market Cap $7,755,848 (rank 256 -15)
  • 7d Volume $ 140,533 (-3,60%)
  • 30d Volume $696,983 (-10,98%)
  • Total Supply 2,158,812,800
  • Charts
  • Exchange Coverage
    The Burst Apps Team has agreed to support new and existing exchanges wishing to list BURST. Exchanges may contact for technical support.

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