First offical release from the Burst App Team (BAT) on the 03/04/2019.

Changes in the release :

  • Fix of major security vulnerability – will be disclosed once BRS 2.3.0 is released and the issue is mitigated.
  • gRPC-based V2 API. Currently only contains calls needed for mining, will be expanded in future if well received.
  • Migrate to GSON as JSON library
  • Significantly improve sync speed, as well as other minor performance improvements
  • New Semver-based versioning system
  • Fix bug where reward recipient assignments would not go into unconfirmed transactions
  • Lightweight Desktop GUI, with tray icon (For windows and mac, can be disabled with “–headless” command line argument)
  • Automatically add conf/ directory to classpath
  • Configurable TestNet UI/API port
  • New getAccountsWithName API call
  • UI: Fix 24h timestamp display option
  • Allow development versions of wallet to run on TestNet only
  • Fixed bug where string validation could fail in certain locales
  • Use FlywayDB for database migration management

Release note



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