The Weekly Burst is a report published every Sunday that summarizes and outlines the Burst community’s activities for the week.

The Weekly Burst Report is produced under the flag of the Burst Alliance, a community-driven initiative comprised of developers and highly motivated Burst ambassadors. We welcome anyone to join us and show their support

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Development Activity
This only includes a portion of the activity from the Burst Apps Team.  
It does not include private repositories or projects belonging to other teams:

  • Additions: 266,805
  • Deletions: 247,188
  • Commits: 17

  • Introducing @burstjs – a BURST JavaScript library
    Burst Apps Team members Ohager and blankey1337 are proud to present BurstJS, a BURST JavaScript library. This library will make it easier for developers to build apps using Angular/React/Node.js/JavaScript. BurstJS is broken down into four packages:
    • @burstjs/core: Most of the core BRS-related interfaces and functions.
    • @burstjs/crypto: BURST-specific cryptography functions.
    • @burstjs/http: HTTP Lib for interacting with the BURST blockchain.
    • @burstjs/util: Utility methods for doing common things in BURST apps.
  • BRS 2.3.0 Beta1 released on Testnet
    BRS2.3.0  is on track with some new features :
    • gRPC-based V2 API. Currently only contains calls needed for mining, will be expanded in future if well received.
    • Migrate to GSON as JSON library
    • Significantly improve sync speed
    • Semver-based versioning system
    • Lightweight Desktop GUI, with tray icon (For windows and mac, can be disabled with “–headless” command line argument)
    • Automatically add conf/ directory to classpath
    • Configurable TestNet UI/API port
    • New getAccountsWithName API call
    • UI: Fix 24h timestamp display option
    • Allow development versions of wallet to run on TestNet only
    • Fixed bug where string validation could fail in certain locales

Community Contributions

  • VLP (Voiplanparty) supports BMF
    User and Admin of VLP Pool CybermancerR announced to support BMF with periodic donations from dual mining proceeds. (Read more)
  • BURST Traffic Award
    BMF member Semaphore_Slim developed and introduced the BURST Traffic Award; a raffle awarding 1,000 Burstcoin to 10 lucky winners each Saturday for the next four weeks. Purchases of Burst from exchanges, regular transactions on the network, and donations to BMF all earn you raffle entries. Check out the introductory reddit post for more details on the raffle and the Week 1 reward announcement for the list of winners.
  • Reward setting not always working
    User burst_miner0 raised an issue on reddit that setting the reward recipient is not always working properly with BRS 2.2.7. This unpleasant behaviour will hopefully be fixed with the upcoming BRS 2.3.0 release. Meanwhile we hope reading the reddit could help you out with some workarounds.


BMF Weekly Funds Report
The BMF owns 3 account with the following balances:

The BMF paid 12,025 BURST for bounties and NDS-A.
All bounties can be found on the BMF trello

The BMF50 Pool generated an income of 10,996.84 BURST. ( weekly )
The pool has 68 miners and 5,470 estimated TB.

  • 10,000 BURST paid to Burst Apps Team members for BurstJS implementation
    Last week the BMF announced a funding of 525,000 BURST to strengthen the Burst Apps Team development and the BURST roadmap. This week we are proud to pay our first portion of this 525,000 BURST to the developers of the BURST eco-system. 10,000 BURST was paid to the two developer blankey1337 & ohager (5,000 each) for the release of the first stable version of BurstJS. Read more
  • NDS-Award for 02/23/2019
    80 node operators received the NDS-A while 2,000 BURST in total were distributed. Read more

Exchange & Trading

  • Trading Metrics  (via ChainSage)
  • Market Cap $7,912,095 (rank 241 -5)
  • 7d Volume $ 145,835 (-32,20%)
  • 30d Volume $782,985 (-30,30%)
  • Total Supply 2,158,812,800
  • Charts
  • Exchange Coverage
    The Burst Apps Team has agreed to support new and existing exchanges wishing to list BURST. Exchanges may contact for technical support.

The author does not endorse and does not take responsibility for any project mentioned in the Weekly Burst Report. All content is for informational purpose only and is not financial advice



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