Last week the BMF announced a funding of 525,000 BURST to strengthen the BAT development and the BURST roadmap (article).
Today we are proud to pay our first segment of this 525,000 BURST to the developers of the BURST eco-system.

10,000 BURST are paid to the two developer blankey1337 & ohager (each 5,000 BURST) for the release of the first stable version of BurstJS.

The library is broken down into four packages:

  • @burstjs/core: Most of the core BRS-related interfaces and functions.
  • @burstjs/crypto: BURST-specific cryptography functions.
  • @burstjs/http: HTTP Lib for interacting with the BURST blockchain.
  • @burstjs/util: Utility methods for doing common things needed in BURST apps.

The following links could be helpful :

If you have questions, you can reach the developer on the Burstcoin Discord or on twitter. For bugs or feature requests, please submit to Github.

In addition to motivating our current team of developers, the BMF hopes that these bounties will send a message to the broader cryptocurrency community and attract new developers to the Burst Apps Team (BAT); further strengthening our development community and ecosystem.

Together, let’s build a strong and healthy BURST network

Your BMF Team

If you would like to support the BMF we have a
BMF50-Pool you can join as a miner or a BURST-Acc for donations.
eInformation about BMF :



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