The Weekly Burst is a report published every Sunday that summarizes and outlines the Burst community’s activities for the week.

The Weekly Burst Report is produced under the flag of the Burst Alliance, a community-driven initiative comprised of developers and highly motivated Burst ambassadors. We welcome anyone to join us and show their support

Visit us on Discord in #marketing-and-bmf and #burst-apps-team


Development Activity
This only includes a portion of the activity from the  Burst Apps Team.  
It does not include private repositories or projects belonging to other teams:

  • Additions: 10,312
  • Deletions: 2,974
  • Commits: 33

  • Phoenix Development Update
    Looks like things are moving along swimmingly!
  • New BlagoMiner Version
    Reddit user andzno1 announced the release of a new version of BlagoMiner featuring collision-free dual mining, tracking of potentially corrupt plot files, update notifications, and dedicated proxy capabilities.  Read more here.
  • Creepminer and Jminer Updates
    More improvements from our Burst Apps Team.  Great job guys!
  • Continued Enhancements to New Burst Explorer
    Burst Apps Team member, Zoh, made huge strides this week on the new Burst Explorer. This week, we saw the addition of transaction detail pages, a network map, charts, and an e-mail notification service to boot!
  • New Testnet released this weekend
    announced a new testnet release for this weekend.
  • New Pool-Software is on the way
    The new developed pool software from harry1453 is making progress.
    And we are pleased that the development was positively received, for example in the VLP pool(discord). You can join the discussion about the pool software there on #pool-development.Current status of the pool-software can be checked on the testnet →

Community Contributions

  • Burst Orange County, CA Meetup
    BAT member blankey1337 has coordinated the first ever Burst OC Meetup happening Saturday, February 23 2019 in Anaheim CA. “Come out and meet your fellow community members over good food and drinks.”
  • Vote for Burst to be reviewed by Proof Of Review
    BMF team member ddaze7 notified the community of a voting opportunity to get Burst reviewed by Proof Of Review.  To vote, follow this link.
  • WANTED: I love Menards (BURST-JMQB-GTB3-KL7N-9F5YX)
    If you are the owner of this account please read this Reddit post from user andzno1
  • Burst-Coin.ES redesign
    Reddit user u/hikafer is redesigning the website. There are more features and more content to come, and if you preferred the old website, there is a prominent link to that as well.
    Also a very familiar looking 404 error page


BMF Weekly Funds Report
The BMF owns 3 account with the following balances:

The BMF paid 12,571 BURST for bounties and NDS-A.
The BMF50 Pool generate an income of 13,502.69 BURST.
The pool has 64 miner and 5355 estimated TB.

  • 525,000 BURST as 2019 Roadmap funding from BMF
    The BMF fully supports the announcement of the BAT (BURST App Team)  2019 Development Update on and their full roadmap located on
    In order to support the continued development of BURST, the BMF has established Development Bounties/Goals specifically for the Burst Apps Team and their 2019 Roadmap. These BAT-specific bounties are being supported in addition to the community bounties available on our Trello board. The BURST will be paid to the contributing BAT developers as follows :
    • 180,000 BURST for the release of Phoenix
    • 100,000 BURST for the release of BRS 2.3.0
    • 75,000 BURST for the release of Easy2BURST (Replaces Qbundle)
    • 60,000 BURST for the release of a BURST IOS App on TestFlight
    • 40,000 BURST for the release of Rosetta
    • 30,000 BURST for the release of a free new pool-software
    • 20,000 BURST for the release of a new BURST explorer
    • 10,000 BURST for the release of a new BURST crawler
    • 10,000 BURST for the release of a stable Burst JavaScript Library

In addition to motivating our current team of developers, the BMF hopes that these bounties will send a message to the broader cryptocurrency community and attract new developers to the Burst Apps Team (BAT); further strengthening our development community and ecosystem.
Read more here.

  • NDS-Award for 02/15/2019
    From this week on the new Watchdog-crawler will be used to collect the active nodes for the NDS-A (
    28 node operators received the NDS-A while 2,000 BURST in total were distributed. Read more

Exchange & Trading

  • Trading Metrics  (via ChainSage)
  • Market Cap $8,095,851 — (rank 236 +13)
  • 7d Volume $ 215,047 — (plus 40,43%)
  • 30d Volume $1,123,642 — (minus13,86%)
  • Total Supply 2,158,812,800
  • Charts
  • Exchange Coverage
    The Burst Apps Team has agreed to support new and existing exchanges wishing to list BURST. Exchanges may contact for technical support.

The author does not endorse and does not take responsibility for any project mentioned in the Weekly Burst Report. All content is for informational purpose only and is not financial advice



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