The BMF (BURST Marketing Fund) fully supports the announcement of the BAT (BURST App Team)  2019 Development Update on and their full roadmap located on

Since the release of the 2019 Development Update, we’ve already had a lot of new developers join the BAT taskforce. From the BMF point of view, only a strong base of well educated and creative developers from all over the world will establish BURST as the Top 10 cryptocurrency we know it can be.

In order to support the continued development of BURST, the BMF has established Development Bounties/Goals specifically for the Burst Apps Team and their 2019 Roadmap. These BAT-specific bounties are being supported in addition to the community bounties available on our Trello board.

The following bounties will be paid to the contributing BAT developers :

  • 180,000 BURST for the release of Phoenix
  • 100,000 BURST for the release of BRS 2.3.0
  •  75,000 BURST for the release of Easy2BURST ( Replaces Qbundle)
  •  60,000 BURST for the release of a BURST IOS App on TestFlight
  •  40,000 BURST for the release of Rosetta
  •  30,000 BURST for the release of a free new pool-software
  •  20,000 BURST for the release of a new BURST explorer
  •  10,000 BURST for the release of a new BURST crawler
  •  10,000 BURST for the release of a stable Burst JavaScript Library

The payout will be triggered when a stable release is available for the public to install or review via github from the BURST App Team —  with exception for the IOS App which requires approval and integration into the Apple App Store ( aslo TestFlight ).

The total award bounty will be paid out to the relevant project team and distributed distributed among the project members with the percentages determined by the developers themselves. A corresponding announcement of the payment will then be made by the BMF.

The funds for the bounties are stored on the BMF Development/Bounty Funds Account. Currently we have 462,210 BURST for those Bounties and we welcome everyone to donate and support the development.

If you wish to support the developers directly, you can find on our Trello board under “Accepting Donations” a list of BAT members, the project(s) they are working on, and their BURST addresses.

In addition to motivating our current team of developers, the BMF hopes that these bounties will send a message to the broader cryptocurrency community and attract new developers to the Burst Apps Team (BAT); further strengthening our development community and ecosystem.

Together, let’s build a strong and healthy BURST network

Your BMF Team

If you would like to support the BMF we have a BMF50-Pool you can join as a miner or a BURST-Acc for donations.

Information about BMF :



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