The Weekly Burst is a report published every Sunday that summarizes and outlines the Burst community’s activities for the week.

The Weekly Burst Report is produced under the flag of the Burst Alliance, a community-driven initiative comprised of developers and highly motivated Burst ambassadors.
We welcome anyone to join us and show their support.
Visit us on Discord in #marketing-and-bmf and #burst-apps-team.


  • Development Activity
    These activities refer to changes in the github from the Burst Apps Team:
    • Additions : 1,373,735
    • Deletions : 1,321,018
    • Commits :  29
    • Note: This only includes a portion of the activity from the Burst Apps Team repository.  It does not include private repositories or projects belonging to other teams. (source)
  •  2019 Burst Roadmap Updated
    The Burst Apps Team has released a Development Update in conjunction with an updated 2019 Burst Roadmap.  Notable projects include a new explorer, a cross-platform wallet, and community sponsored marketing plans through the BMF. Read the full article here
  • Burst Reference Software 2.3.0 Release is on Testnet
    BAT member harry1453 announced that a new BRS alpha release is now available for testing on Testnet. You can join the Test-Team on burstcoin discord #testnet.
  • New Pool Software
    BAT member harry1453 is developing new pool software under GNU GPLv3. This will give new and existing pool operators the freedom to setup pools without any licence violation.
  • Burst WatchDog
    Burst WatchDog is the codename for a distributed Burst Network explorer coded in NodeJS by community members gpedro and TheDailyToast.  Designed to be ultra-scalable, this project is subdivided into packets of basic and extended functionality so that it can be launched in isolated VMs and containers:
    • brs-crawler (P2P crawler for discovering and P2P querying of the network)
    • BURST-NetX (API and frontend to query shared DB)

Community Contributions

  • New Community Website
    Community member decrescendo has created a stunning and useful Burst website. If you would like to contribute to this site please contact him directly (main discord server). It is a work in progress and development is occurring rapidly
  • BURST-DEX (new initiative resulting from recent community poll)
    Based on the recent community poll, reddit user tank_72 has added BURST-DEX as a reddit topic. In this reddit article, he invites all interested parties to meet on the BURST-DEX server to work on the concept!  “The survey clearly shows that a DEX is a real wish of the community! But having only one wish is not there to bring something to life – we have an obligation to work towards that goal to make it a reality….”
  • BMF is providing an online wallet
    It is generally recommended to use a local node, but if someone wants to use an online wallet, the BMF has provided a trustworthy node via This node is running on the BMF infrastructure (hosted by Hetzner)
  • Scam Alert!
    Never ever follow any invitation to enter your passphrase on any online-wallet or web-page. Nobody will pay you for example 30,000 BURST just because you seem to be nice! We heard from some ongoing phishing on FB – and we will not give any hint here – but please never ever open your wallet to suspicious internet-pages / links.


  • Bounty Program Update
    New bounties have been added to the trello board.
  • New Bounty: YouTube Content Creation (max 5,000 BURST each)
    You will be rewarded for YouTube content creation related to Burst. This can be tutorials, analysis, technical discussion, or information sharing.   Each submission will be eligible to receive the maximum bounty award. The style, content, and quality of the video will determine the amount of the maximum bounty to be received – as determined by the BMF team.
  • New Bounty: Ledger Hardware Wallet Integration (50,000 BURST)
    You will be rewarded when you successfully create a BOLOS application integrating Burst with the Ledger AND get the application published in the Ledger Manager. Ledger wallets are powered by BOLOS, a unique proprietary operating system developed by Ledger. This system creates an individual shield around each application on your Ledger wallet to protect it from attacks from other applications.  More information on BOLOS application development can be found here.
  • New Bounty:  Major Exchange Listings (25,000 BURST each)
    Providing users with an easy entry point into Burst is important.  The purpose of this bounty is to provide an incentive for community members to help get Burstcoin listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. To submit a request for this bounty, enter the details of your communication and work with the listing exchange into comments.  The more information you provide, the better your chances of receiving the bounty. Please include your Burst address so that we can reach out to you.
  • NDS-Award for 1/24/2019 (2,000 BURST)
    This week the BMF paid out the NDS-Award to 79 node operators running the newest version of BRS 2.2.7. Read more here.

Exchange & Trading

Information from Chainsage :

  • Market Cap / Volume / Total Supply
  • Charts
  • Exchange Coverage
    The Burst Apps Team has agreed to support new and existing exchanges wishing to list burst.  Exchanges may contact for technical support.

The author does not endorse and does not take responsibility for any project mentioned in a Weekly Burst Report. All content is for informational purpose only.



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