January 25, 2019 by the Burst Apps Team

One of Burst’s biggest strengths lies in its sense of community. Our ability to rise up and work together, against the odds, sets Burst apart. Burst is truly decentralized, trustless, and community-driven. These core values drive us to push Burst development forward through this Crypto Winter.

In this article, we will talk about the Roadmap and then share some exciting project updates.

Updated Roadmap

Over the past few weeks, we have been meeting and discussing our projects, goals, and team values. We even polled the community to get their thoughts on what the next steps should be for Burst, and to find out what others are working on. While we lack the time and resources to do everything that was suggested, we are excited and proud to present the updated Burst Roadmap.

Since Burst is community-driven, our goal for the Roadmap is to update it regularly with community projects and goals. If you are working on something and would like it featured on the Roadmap, please reach out to us; it could be a great way to gain some exposure and get some help.

Current Projects

In addition to the updated Roadmap, we wanted to provide some more details on active projects in the Burst Community. This is only a portion of a section of the Roadmap, so please refer to it to see the full list.

Incoming Multi-Out Support in Wallet

Recipients of multi-out payments will soon have the ability to see those transactions in their wallet just like any other transaction. This will improve the usability of multi-outs for exchanges, scripts, etc trying to receive payments via multi-out.

Improved Smart Contracts

Burst was the first coin to implement turing complete smart contracts by using the CIYAM implementation of Autonomous Transaction specification. While this implementation is very sound, it is very cumbersome and not very approachable by developers. Rosetta is scoped to make developing Burst smart contracts much easier as well as to provide an easy to learn interface for writing contracts. Rosetta, coupled with some future enhancements for the smart contracts of burst will bring about a shift in how smart contracts are written, tested, and deployed in the Burstcoin ecosystem. Due to the nature of this work, a hard fork may be required.

Burst JavaScript Library

We are building a Burst-specific JavaScript library, BurstJS, to empower application developers and to facilitate in the development of a cross-platform wallet. BurstJS will feature a set of packages for common actions like user creation, passphrase generation, downloading the blockchain, signing transactions, and encrypting/decrypting messages.

New Blockchain Explorer

Zoh is developing a new blockchain explorer which will be available in both a thin client and full node standard version. This project is being built using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

Cross-Platform Desktop/Web/Mobile Wallet

Blankey1337 and Ohager have teamed up to build a cross-platform wallet UI “Phoenix” to support desktop (OSX, Windows, Linux), and web. This wallet will feature increased security and a refreshed look and feel. A desktop application will be built using Angular/TypeScript, and exported to an executable/installer using Electron. Angular is a framework for building rich JavaScript apps, and Electron is tool used to generate standalone installers for OSX/Windows/Linux from JavaScript apps.

Last week, Discord members Titanishu and fullhash have started making significant progress on the Android/iOS portion, written in React Native. Read more in CIP-18.

Burst Application Management

HeosSacer is developing a Burst Application Manager “Easy2Burst” to streamline the installation of Burst core, tools and components; it will also simplify the blockchain download process and centralize Burst account management. This project is intended to replace Qbundle.

Burst WatchDog

Burst WatchDog is the codename for a distributed Burst Network explorer coded in NodeJS by community members gpedro and TheDailyToast. Designed to be ultra-scalable, this project is subdivided in packets of both basic and extended functionality so it can be launched in isolated VMs and containers:

  • brs-crawler (P2P crawler for discovering and P2P query the network)
  • BURST-NetX (API and frontend to query shared DB)

All this packages share a common DB that can also be launched isolated. This way downtime can be reduced tremendously.

New Pool Software

Harry1453 is currently working on a new piece of pool software. It will be licensed under the GNU GPLv3, so everyone can run a pool without concerns over licensing if they wish to do so.

As you can see, there is a lot of activity going on. This list is only a portion of the “Current” section of the Roadmap, and even that is only a subset of all active Burst projects. We encourage you to refer the Roadmap for more details.


As a group of developers from the community, we would like to first thank everyone who has worked on Burst thus far, the Burst Marketing Fund, and its donors. Without the substantial technical and financial investment that has already been made in Burst, we would not havebeen able to organize, prioritize, and even start working on some of the projects that we are proud to share with you below. Looking forward, we’d like to welcome and encourage anyone who wants to contribute to a revolutionary open source project to join us on github, discord, or twitter.

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