The Weekly Burst is a report published every Sunday to summarize and outline the Burst community activities of the week.

Effective immediately, the Weekly Burst Report will be produced under the flag of the BA (BURST-Alliance). This community-driven initiative is hosted by the BAT (BURST Apps Team), representing a public group of skilled developers, and the BMF (BURST Marketing Funds), a highly motivated group of BURST ambassadors. You can come in contact with these groups easily via the Burstcoin discord ( In this discord are channels #marketing-and-bmf and #burst-apps-team where everyone is welcome to join and support. An introduction of the BMF can be found here .

We would also like to take this chance to acknowledge the great effort Tom (Gadrah) had done in keeping the Burst community engaged and updated through the past couple years. We are honored to have been passed the torch, and hope to continue the dedication and quality of work Tom has brought us all to expect from the

We have a lot of information to share, so let’s get started!


  • Cross-Platform Wallet UI (CIP-0018)
    Burst Apps Team member blankey1337 has proposed CIP-0018, a “revamp to the Burst wallets using the latest application development technologies and best practices.” This application would have multi-platform support and “improve collaboration, streamline development, and simplify the software development life cycle of Burst wallets into the future.”
    Read more about CIP-0018
  • Incoming Multi-Out Tracking (CIP-0019)
    Burst Apps Team member harryy1453 has proposed CIP-0019 to address frustration and transparency with multi-out transactions not appearing in the user’s list of recent transactions.
    Read more about CIP-0019
  • New TestNet Environment
    Burst Apps Team member nixops has announced the creation of a new TestNet environment. Your support for this environment is requested to help our development team adequately test upcoming versions of the BRS. Read reddit here
  • New Github Repository
    The Burst Apps Team has created their own github repository to manage and maintain new development efforts (
  • Scavenger Version 1.7.0
    Long-standing and respected development community member, JohnnyFFM, has released for the PoCC an update to the Burstcoin cross-platform mining software – Scavenger. This version is faster and more stable than ever, boasting a new xpu benchmarking record of 7.1GB/s on an 8700k CPU. Release details can be found here. More information about Scavenger can be found here:
  • BURST Development Poll
    Burst Apps Team member blankey1337 started a poll to collect feedback from the community for the upcoming development road map. If you have ideas to share, please add your comments to the reddit post. Update by today ( 20.01.19 ) blankey1337 published a result of the poll
  • BRS Development Poll
    Burst Apps Team member harryy1453 has requested community feedback and requests for upcoming BRS releases. If you have ideas to share, please add your comments to this reddit post.
  • CLI Tool for Interacting with Burst APIs
    Community member BurstJack has started development on a Linux CLI tool that allows users to interact with the BURST blockchain via API – most notably, creating ATs (smart contracts). The project can be found here: “When ready, it will be documented with examples and descriptions in addition to the interactive help function.”

Community Contributions

  • Burst Programming Group
    Reddit user 13thfloorelevat0rs created a post to gauge the community’s appetite for learning and teaching development skills within the BURST ecosystem. There was overwhelming support after just a very short time – with 15 individuals having already registered!
  • Burstcoin Faucet List – Get Burst!
    Reddit user huyentest1 shared an overview about active faucets to help new members obtain their first BURST.
  • Burstneon 0-100 (For Small Miners < 10 Tb )
    Reddit user BurstNeon_MrWho announced a low fee pool (0.02% ) for small miners. Read more about this pool here on reddit


  • Burst Adoption and Project Support
    Burst Marketing Fund member Semaphore_Slim announced the start of the Burst Adoption and Project Support – powered by Trello! Slim states, “The BMF has been working hard to establish a road map for supporting current/future projects and some baseline tools to help get us there. To that end, a Trello board has been created to track current projects/bounties, give the entire Burst community visibility into how our efforts are progressing, and also provide a place where ideas can be shared for the Burst Alliance to review.” Read more here and access the BMF Trello board to stay up-to-date on our efforts
  • Blockfolio Signal
    The BMF and Blockfolio teams have joined forces to get BURST included in the Blockfolio Signal project. Using the Signal platform, BURST can reach out to a new user base and communicate development news via push notifications to mobile devices. Download the Blockfolio app today and register to receive Burst news powered by Signal!
  •  Retail Adoption Bounties
    The BMF team has funded bounties aimed towards getting Burstcoin accepted at online and physical stores as an advertised, recurring, functional payment method. Each bounty submission will be eligible for up to 25,000 BURST after confirmation by the BMF that the implementation was successful. See our BMF Trello board for more information.
  • Exchange Listing Fund
    The BMF team is already collecting funds for upcoming exchange-listings. 180,000 BURST are currently available in the BMF Exchange-Listing Funds account. If you want to help funding the bounty for major exchange listings donate directly to this BMF Exchange-Listing Funds (BURST-TSAB-8BXM-YN9A-AHJFB).
  • 1.2M Burst Donation to BMF
    Reddit user Radogerek announced on 12.01.19: “Our company has managed to find another investor, that has promised to support the BURST project with a total of 1,200,000 BURST coins.”Read more here.
  • 162K Burst Donation to BMF from PoCC
    As announced in early January, the PoCC has donated 162,000 Burst to the BMF to be used to strengthen the Burst ecosystem. Read more here.
  • NDS-Award for 1/19/2019
    This week the BMF paid out the NDS-Award to 67 node operators running the newest version of BRS 2.2.7. Read more here.
  • 4000 BURST sticker still on stock
    If you would still like some BURST stickers you can get 100 for approximately 3 to 7 Euro from Jello (discord user). Please contact him directly.
  • New BURST Twitter
    @burstflash is the new twitter account you should follow for all news around BURST.

Exchange & Trading

  • Binance Application
    An application for listing BURST on the Binance exchange has been submitted by the Burst Alliance.
    We can proudly attach the Binance sticker to our beloved Burstcoin!

The author does not endorse and does not take responsibility for any project mentioned in a Weekly Burst Report. All content is for informational purpose only.



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  1. Great work Burst Alliance!!! BURST is an awesome project and has to continue… It has a lot of potential, but a lot of work has to be done and it’s good to see that progress is being made. Great work, ONWARDS and ONWARDS :)))

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