Enhancements: (@Brabantian)

  • fat block forging for specific situations (emergency/spam, sponsored mass-airdrops) Wallet has a 400 block TTL (time-to-live) in this mode
  • will talk only to 2.2.6 or later – only these versions provide a full-scale spam protection in both (push & pull) UT transfer modes (CIP17). Please get rid of pre-2.2.6 versions which can be abused for spam reflection attacks.
  • clean peer from peers list if it cannot be fed UTs (peer probably went offline). Keeps up a healthy peers list. (@rico666)


  • Reward recipient assignment in UI should work now (fix-fix from @blankey1337)
  • Test API “This request is only accepted using POST!” Fix (@Brabantian)

Release note



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