The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every Sunday meant to centralize and outline the important Burst information of the week.

Weekly key data

PoCC development statistics (public repositories)

– Files modified: 164
– New insertions (+): 10,619
– New deletions (-): 6,984

Note: this solely indicates the GitHub activity on already released projects. It doesn’t reflect the work the PoCC puts into its private repositories.

Blockchain metrics

– Blockchain transaction volume: 10,905 / -0.1% 
– Total wallets: 154,404 / +6.5% 
– Burst held in Poloniex & Bittrex: 50.8% / -0.6% 

Network metrics

– Estimated Network Size (weekly average): 218 PB / -3.3% 
– Public Nodes: 427 / -6.4% 

Trading metrics

– High / Low: $0.007 / $0.005 USD 
– Trade volume / change: $389,016 / -41.8% 
– Market Capitalisation/ change: $11,125,791 / -14.52% 

Metrics by @Koru


  • The PoC Consortium is on fire. Last week we had the announcement of Aspera, the next-generation Burst wallet. This week, we had Mortimer. Mortimer is the new name of the PoCCBot, which was known as a simple tip bot until now. Mortimer will be known as the Burst butler, and it will have many new functionalities:
    • tip bot (Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Discourse forum software)
    • pricing information (coinmarketcap API)
    • supporting BURST, NXT (not all functionality), and others too
    • mixing service (see the announcement post)
    • exchange
    • bank (wut?)
    • more to be announced.
Mortimer, at your service.
  • The PoC Consortium released the new BRS 2.2.6 “Citadel” version of the core wallet. This is a direct reaction to the last spam attack we recently experienced. This version offers efficient inter-node communcation and better transaction conductivity by implementing CIP17: Differential UT Propagation for push & pull.
    • Qbundle one-click upgrade is not available at the time of this article. PoCC developer Brabantian explains: “We’re not being overly loud about this update, nor putting it in QBundle just yet because of the changes in P2P. We did extensive testing of our own, but of course there’s always the possibility of some of these weird issues that tend to show up only when used at larger scale.” The PoCC wants the “more competent users” to test it first, before making a mass rollout. EDIT: Qbundle one-click upgrade is now available.
    • See the full changelog and download it on GitHub.
  • The PoC Consortium released the 1.4.0 version of Nogrod (their pool software). Changelog includes: better protection against duplicate pool payouts, blacklisting by account id, and use of go modules (go > 1.11 required). As usual, everything is on GitHub.
  • Nixops proposes to reduce the cost of operating Automated Transactions (Burst’s smart contracts). You can join the discussion here.

Marketing Fund

Last week, we introduced the BMF (Burst Marketing Fund) in the Weekly Report #62. In a new introductory post published this week on Reddit, BMF describe itself as an “association/club to organize a budget for marketing/supporting cases and build a team of BURST-ambassadors to raise awareness for BURST.” Here is a tutorial to point your Burst miner to the BMF50 pool, which automatically sends 50% of your mining earnings to the Marketing Fund account.

This week, the BMF announced its support to its first project, 9 days after its inception. 18k BURST were paid to the Aspera Bounty Program. 61,000 BURST is currently up for grabs!

The Aspera UI Bounty Program rewards contributors to the new UI of the next-gen Aspera wallet. Are you talented in front-end web development? Would you like to sharpen your skills, help make history, and earn some BURST while you’re at it? Join program! You can track the wallet UI development progress here.


  • Reddit user u/CybermancerR announced a second Minecraft BURST Give Away competition where the first player to reach McMMO Power Level 10,000 receives the entire balance of BURST-V68U-9FKU-PAYM-E9RFF.
    • However, this project goes further than a simple giveaway: “The purpose of this competition is to promote BURST development as a in-game currency ecosystem that will be implemented on this Minecraft server sometime during the competition with the ability for players to mine actual BURST in-game by breaking Diamond Ores. Players will then be able to receive a daily payout of mined coins to desired BURST account as long as they reach the minimum payout threshold. The server will use this plugin currently being developed by Judgetread to manage in-game BURST wallets, economy, payouts, in-game shops and mining BURST difficulty algorithms for payout system, etc. Please support him by sending donation separately to his BURST wallet for some motivation on this project to BURST-JFQG-9DZX-4U9J-54YKP.”


The past two weeks have been awesome for Burst enthusiasts. Aspera drew most of the attention and rightfully so, but I personally believe that Mortimer is also a very sizeable project with potential implications that may go way further than most people imagine at this stage. The additional information that will surely come soon promises to be exciting.

Thank you and see you next week.

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

Disclaimer: The Burstcoinist does not endorse and does not take responsibility for any project mentioned in a Weekly Burst Report. All content is for informational purpose only.

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