The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every Sunday meant to centralize and outline the important Burst information of the week.

Weekly key data

PoCC development statistics (public repositories)

– Files modified: 14
– New insertions (+): 63
– New deletions (-): 61

Note: this solely indicates the GitHub activity on already released projects. It doesn’t reflect the work the PoCC puts into its private repositories.

Blockchain metrics

– Blockchain transaction volume: 7,628 / +1.3% 
– Total wallets: 149,438 / +0.1% 
– Burst held in Poloniex & Bittrex: 54.4% / -0.7% 

Network metrics

– Estimated Network Size (weekly average): 282 PB / +3.3% 
– Public Nodes: 398 / +31.4% 

Trading metrics

– High / Low: $0.010 / $0.009 USD 
– Trade volume / change: $408,470 / -2.0% 
– Market Capitalisation/ change: $19,887,303 / -3.5% 

Metrics by @Koru


  • The PoC Consortium released the new version the core wallet: BRS 2.2.3 “Victor”. This release fixes UPnP and rare race conditions in UT handling, adds forgotten /lib directory for ARMv7 hosts, and implements DeepQR codes (CIP14) for a better Point-of-Sale/mobile payment infrastructure.
    • Thanks to the UPnP fixes, the number of public nodes has already started to go up again, growing more than 31% this week alone.
    • Download the new wallet on GitHub. Qbundle one-click upgrade is available for Windows users.
  • The miner software Scavenger is going well towards a 1.4.0 release. According to PoC Consortium developer JohnnyFFM, “we just have to fix some console messages and then it‘s ready to release.” See the list of commits for more information on the upcoming release.
  • Daniel Jones (@nixops) made an experiment that made some noise within the crypto community. He processed a Burst transaction via amateur radio, from a node that did not require any power. This device does not need require an electricity provider, nor an internet provider to be able to send Burst transactions. I highly recommend reading this highly informative article by Daniel himself – it explains the concept of Proof of Life and the process behind the radio transaction very well.


  • The Burst Wiki has been greatly improved over the past weeks, thanks to the hard work of umbrellacorp03, feyd27, and others. All the information you need about Burst is there!
  • Don’t forget to vote for Burst for the Numex listing. It is free, it takes a few seconds and you do not need to register.



I would like to thank MrPilotMan for taking care of last week’s release of the Weekly Burst Report. I am glad to be back and reporting such exciting news as the ones we have had lately. We are starting to see more and more involvement from the community, and exciting projects coming to fruition. With the end of summer, it’s time to get back to serious business!

Thank you and see you next week.

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

Disclaimer: The Burstcoinist does not endorse and does not take responsibility for any project mentioned in a Weekly Burst Report.

Want your Burst-related project to appear in the Weekly Burst Report? Contact me and I can mention it in the next episode.



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