The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every Sunday meant to centralize and outline the important Burst information of the week.

Weekly key data

PoCC development statistics (public repositories)

– Files modified: 14 
– New insertions (+): 328 
– New deletions (-): 177 

Note: this solely indicates the GitHub activity on already released projects. It doesn’t reflect the work the PoCC puts into its private repositories.

Blockchain metrics

– Blockchain transaction volume: 10,970 / +26.8% 
– Total wallets: 148,788 / +0.3% 
– Burst held in Poloniex & Bittrex: 55.6% / -2.6% 

Network metrics

– Estimated Network Size (weekly average): 272 PB / +1.1% 
– Public Nodes: 325 / -7.7% 

Trading metrics

– High / Low: $0.011 / $0.007 USD 
– Trade volume / change: $917,121 / +224.3% 
– Market Capitalisation/ change: $20,131,067/+20.26% 

Metrics by @Koru


  • A new member joins the forces of the PoC Consortium! JohnnyFFM has been a very active Burst community member and developer for months already. “I am delighted to join the PoCC and be part of an innovative, cross-functional team of top-notch developers and engineers. I am deeply in love with Burst and enjoy contributing to it every second. There is so many things I want to realise for Burst and I am looking forward to do so!” We are very much looking forward to it too here at The Burstcoinist.

  • Development towards a BRS 2.2.3 core wallet continues. PoC Consortium developer Brabantian explains: “We are finalising the efforts to fix a couple of problems occurring due to race conditions that are hard to reproduce in-vitro, and hence only show up in-vivo. We have been able to trace most of these down, however, and implemented fixes. These fixes are now of course being tested by us in live wallets, keeping a close eye on logs in case we run into any anomalies.”
  • Some exclusive information about the upcoming iOS wallet! If you followed Nixops’ livestreams this week, you most likely saw the actual GitHub repository for the iOS application. Development is being led by community member @aprock. Nixops explains: “At this time we are continuing the hardening of the actual codebase. We have to finish a few things before opening up testing to the public”, explained Nixops during one of his livestreams. Other versions of the iOS wallet have already been seen in circulation (e.g. during Nixops’ classes in California). One thing is certain, development for the iOS wallet is still going strong – you should receive more information in the coming weeks.


  • Reminder: Burst is on LinkedIn – don’t forget to follow us and share the page to your contacts!
  • Last week, I explained that there should be some new perspectives about marketing published this week. This has been delayed a little, but you can be certain that it will happen next week.
  • Recently, a new Burst copycat cryptocurrency appeared: btchd. As always, I cannot stress enough to stay very wary about such clones.


This is a very special Burst Report: we are celebrating half a hundred issues of this weekly publication. More than 350 days of development, releases, community actions and news have been covered. And guess what: this is only the beginning. Stay tuned to your #1 news resources about Burst for another year of reliable Burst news!

Thank you and see you next week.

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

Disclaimer: The Burstcoinist does not endorse and does not take responsibility for any project mentioned in a Weekly Burst Report.

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