A year ago, the PoC Consortium announced its plans to raise the significance of the Burstcoin cryptocurrency.

Of course, back then the PoC Consortium was a dark horse and many claims in our announcement were met with skepticism. All in all, times were different for Burst too. Today, we can state some things with certainty:

These twelve months have been a wild year for Burst. We certainly have seen some cataclysms, but we believe almost all of them ended up for the better of the coin.

Hopefully it became evident that our claims were not just empty words, but backed up by significant deeds. Comparing the Burst one year ago with the Burst today would easily blow up the scope of this text. Just in case you weren’t around, here is a short summary:

tremendously improved wallets enabling – at last – a reliable network

– one hard fork by the textbook – 80x scaling and PoC2 consensus algorithm

– all new mining software stack

500,000 times more energy efficient than BTC

– can be bought and sold at ATMs world-wide

The market seems completely decoupled from all the development that happened to Burst – and we do not speak about the software development only. The community experiences “peaceful and productive times.” Attacks against the coin or entities have effectively ceased or are mitigated quickly.

So, where to go from now?

The article “The Economy of Scale: Next Steps for Burst” provides some insight of the general direction we will pursue.

Suffice to say, the PoC Consortium today is way better equipped to take Burst to the stars than it was one year ago. We developed Burst, but we also greatly developed our resources and insight. The foreseeable future of Burst today is by orders of magnitude larger than it was one year ago – even for us.

A year ago, had we dared to directly speak out our desire to get Burst among the top 10 coins, it might have appeared kind of lunatic. We used an indirect formulation instead:

“We came to lead BURST to its rightful place among other cryptocurrencies and we believe that place is nowhere else than upwards of where BURST is today and upwards of where it will be tomorrow.”

No more. Let it be known henceforth, that we do intend to lead Burst to the Top10 and we will not settle for anything less!

Meanwhile, Burst keeps lingering around its #200 position in terms of market capitalization. Which is insane – of course. The Burst today can outcompete many Top100 coins already. What is even more important: the Burst today is 100 times better than the Burst one year ago.

Yet, it only gained a measly(?) 30% in price since August, 11th 2017.

How many of the coins with a higher MktCap are mineable or can be bought and sold at ATMs? How many of them are as energy efficient, have our tx capacity or functionalities? How many of them are coins at all and not just some “me too” ERC-20 tokens?

We could name several Top100 coins that seem pale compared to Burst, but to what fruition? Instead we choose to keep improving Burst in ways you people wouldn’t believe.

There are so many things in the pipeline for Burst – both quantitative as well as qualitative in nature – that even no single PoC Consortium member can keep track of them all. Actually the speed of us moving forward is increasing by the week.

One year ago we wrote: “We are announcing the beginning of a process.” Today we would like to confirm the continuation of this process. We are ready and determined to make crypto history in this second year.

Our most sincere regards, and – by the way – happy birthday Burst!

– The PoC Consortium members



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