The downward cycle crypto markets have experienced for the last few months has left many actors and investors in disillusion and discontent. Many have been discouraged by the fact that cryptocurrencies may not appear as a get rich quick scheme anymore. Naturally, even within the Burst community such questioning arises: “will the PoC Consortium continue development despite the bear market?”

Let’s make clear that these questions arise every time the market takes a dump. We have heard it already, and we are prepared to hear it again. When we first joined Burst a year ago, we emphasized something in our introductory statement: “We came to lead BURST to its rightful place among other cryptocurrencies and we believe that place is nowhere else than upwards of where BURST is today and upwards of where it will be tomorrow.”

We expected waterfalls of blood in the crypto world before reaching the top, and we never kept that a secret either. But we expect Burst to rise from it, as we made it rise from the dead a year ago.

We – PoC Consortium members – would like to stress out that we are not dependent on the state of crypto markets. We do not work on Burst to pay our bills. We do it because we have a precise vision, the means to realize it, and faith for a better financial future. Hence, development continues as usual – both in publicly visible and invisible (for now) projects. We have big plans you already know about, and we also have big plans you don’t know about yet.

Rest assured that we are not going anywhere, even in the event that this bear market lasts for many more months. If you think we are bothered if only a little bit by the market, stop right now – or leave Burst but know that we won’t. In the words of rico666: “people asking these questions exasperate me. If I ever was to stop development it would be because of these people, not because of the market.”

With that being said, we have a few things to announce in details in the near future. We hope that it will convince everyone of the efforts that are continuously being undertaken by the team.

– The PoC Consortium members



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