How can we build on top of the current Burst features? Jorn (alias CurbShifter) imagined a very clever system to make use of the blockchain in a novel manner. Code name: CloudBurst.

CloudBurst GitHub 

It’s dApp time! Very recently, Burst Champion and community member Nixops launched the Summer of dApps contest – a community challenge to encourage the creation of decentralized applications on top of the Burst blockchain. Jorn is a rather new Burst community member but he has serious plans – he has been hard at work on his CloudBurst project for weeks and it’s finally time to deliver. Now, CloudBurst is not a dApp in the “traditional sense”, as it does not use smart contracts. Instead, it leverages the blockchain and new features like Multi-Out Transactions to create a decentralized and trustless cloud storage system.

The idea behind CloudBurst

The GitHub readme says it all: “Storing data on a blockchain through transactions to arbitrary addresses is a proven concept that is useful for trust-less data storage and time stamping purposes. This DAPP is designed to make this process user friendly and applicable.”

In essence, CloudBurst is an application that stores data trustlessly on the Burst blockchain. It allows you to timestamp contracts and agreements without the need of a 3rd party notary.

Jorn explains: “I was looking into the value of blockchains. Aside from the monetary aspect, the network can be valuable in many other ways. […] I wanted to make a contribution to the network and decided to further develop the concept of storing data on the blockchain. I’m doing this by using an on-chain address to represent some data, and send a transaction fee to store it on the ledger. The pre-Dymaxion HF made the concept a lot more attractive because of the Multi-Out Transactions. They allow for up to 128 addresses to be used at the same time, giving me enough space to make a file storing protocol that could divide a file into sortable packets.”

So, how much is it to upload a file? Uploading costs the transaction fees containing the data on the burst network, plus a 1% dApp fee. For every 8 bytes of data that is stored on the blockchain, 1 planck (the smallest fraction of a BURST) needs to be paid. And there is a current arbitrary limit of 1MB per file.

Burst is the perfect platform for a decentralized storage application because of its Multi-Out Transactions feature. It greatly reduces the cost of the operation and makes it a viable system for even small businesses.

Icing on the cake: all transactions with CloudBurst are signed locally, your secret passphrase will never leave your computer. The code is open source so it can be audited for trust-less business deployment. It has already been reviewed by several trusted community members that helped during the development process.

A new world of possibilities enabled

A file storage dApp such as CloudBurst makes the concept of decentralization more tangible for the people that get into blockchains and crypto. Jorn sees many possible use cases: “With CloudBurst, you do not need technical knowledge or need to hire people to create proofs of any contract or agreement. It can be used for any notary aplication such as Copy Certification, Oaths/Affirmations, Jurats, Signature Witnessing. The fact that it is an app you can run locally with your own node makes it a alternate secure way of transfering, storing or releasing important public data.”

An important thing to keep in mind is that the data that is uploaded with CloudBurst is public – so this isn’t typically meant for personal data. This dApp is designed for business usage.

Some files have already been uploaded on the Burst blockchain through CloudBurst. You can test download them with these Cloud IDs:

    • CLOUD-6DNU-P9GZ-RZ55-9YR5U : The Burst Dymaxion white paper
    • CLOUD-5UNM-EHVH-EX7S-7JSFP : A surprise MP3 file
    • CLOUD-9YZV-X86X-8ZBQ-93TTZ – Engraver Plotter ZIP
    • CLOUD-QM9Q-CW4F-R9TK-5XU9Y – Falcon Heavy Maiden Flight MP4

Here at The Burstcoinist, we believe that this dApp is a big step forward for Burst as a whole. It is an amazingly clever way to use current features offered by the Burst blockchain and it offers many new real-world use cases. It also reminds us how deep the blockchain technology really is and the incredible possibilities it enables.

Jorn concludes with a call to arms: “Burst in general has a lot of potential that can be tapped. It is up to us to pick up the lego and start building. I will be happy to help anyone that wants to start out and try to add value ot the network.”



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