The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every Sunday meant to centralize and outline the important Burst information of the week.

Weekly key data

Core wallet development statistics

– Files modified: 350 
– New insertions (+): 7,019 
– New deletions (-): 74,458 

Blockchain metrics

– Blockchain transaction volume: 24,083 / -8.1% 
– Total wallets: 144,839 / +0.2% 
– Burst held in Poloniex & Bittrex: 59.1% / -0.3% 

Network metrics

– Estimated Network Size (weekly average): 343 PB / -2.0% 
– Public Nodes: 666 / -26.2% 

Trading metrics

– High / Low: $0.029 / $0.021 USD
– Trade volume / change: $3,897,025 / +75% 
– Market Capitalisation/ change: $51,433,300/ +9% 
– Weekly High vs All Time High (%): 22% / +2% 

Metrics by @Koru


  • The pre-Dymaxion hard fork is going to be enabled about 2500 blocks from now (at the time of the article). The hard fork wallet – BRS 2.2.0 – was released this week with a few hiccups, but was overall a much better release than BRS 2.0.0. The previous BRS 2.0.x versions played an important role in stabilization.
    • A BRS 2.2.1 version is coming soon already, fixing all known problems of BRS 2.2.0. Mainly an issue with UPnP that closes the opened ports, and therefore shrinks our network of public nodes. And because the BRS 2.2.0 only talks to certain other nodes (2.0.3 upwards), there are some connectivity problems in low peer amount situations. To fix these issues, just upgrade to BRS 2.2.1 when available. UPnP will be active by default in this version.
    • Qbundle v2.1.0 has been released with BRS 2.2.0 (one-click upgrade available) and updates on mining/plotting tools to have complete infrastructure. Full changelog and download link on GitHub.
    • Bittrex was the first exchange to adopt BRS 2.2.0, others are about to follow.
    • The number of 2.2.0 public nodes is steadily growing, but we need more! Please upgrade your wallets ASAP in preparation for the hard fork.

  • We would like to remind everyone that at block height 500,000 only the part 1 of the hard fork (larger blocks, dynamic fees, multi-outs) will be enabled – part 2 (PoC2) will come 2000 blocks later, at block height 502,000. BRS 2.2.1 will probably be the best wallet by then. BRS 2.2.0 will still be acceptable. All other wallets will be highly outdated.
  • @bold has written a PoC1 to PoC2 converter in Rust – it still needs some polishing but it adds to the plethora of tools available to miners for the upcoming PoC1 to PoC2 switch at block height 502,000. Non exhaustive list of other converters: CreepMiner, Turboplotter’s TurboSwizzler, the PoC Consortium Perl script, and JohnnyFFM’s standalone PoC1 to PoC2 converter. Click here for a very interesting community post detailing a miner’s experience preparing for the fork.
  • The PoC Consortium is aware of the strong position (network share) its pools have, but will address that situation after the hard fork.
  • Blackpawn spent a lot of time optimizing TurboPlotter 9000 this week. The GPU computing speeds are now over twice as fast compared to before! Version 0.9 is live with:
    • The epic speed boost
    • PoC2 plotting is now the default
    • A bunch of other goodies

Here are a few closing remarks by PoC Consortium developer rico666:

“Many people in the Burst community are proud to be part of a rapidly growing and evolving coin. Often they cheer to the developers (which is nice) and rightfully propagate the coin to make it better known. However, being on the fast lane and overtaking other cryptos (a.k.a. becoming a giant) requires not only a fast paced dev team, but a fast paced community as a whole.

We mentioned many times the community will have to deal with probably more updates than it would like to, but these are said “growth pains”. The community cannot expect Burst to become something bigger without updating. It should also be expected that during updating not all things work out 100% – requiring more updating.”


  • Burst is going to be represented at the Blockchain NW conference on June 5th, the first ever Seattle conference of its kind. This is going to be the first time ever Burst appears at an important event with many renowned professionals. The official announcement by the community attenders can be found here.
  • The same community members are taking on the herculean task of increasing worldwide adoption. Learn more with this exclusive interview with nixops. A must read detailing some incredible progress!
    • Many things are comming soon: iOS app, WooCommerce & Shopify plugins, and much more on business adoption in the interview above.
    • Action Spot is in the process of accepting Burst. Tamara also initiated contact with some San Jose officials and many companies like Firstblock.
    • They might also be present at Tulip2018, the San Francisco blockchain conference.


  • This is a major success of the week: we won the CryptalDash voting competition! Congrats to all and thanks to all those who bought tokens to pull Burst there. Integration should be complete in June.
  • To be better prepared for the upcoming hard fork, umbrellacorp03 made a new Burst software overview page on the Burst wiki.
  • Pete Skrzyniarz created a new informative website about Burst and cryptocurrencies:
  • The BurstNeon pool received a major update.



What a week! So much is happening right now. Let’s keep the momentum going in community engagement, don’t be afraid to take initiatives, and most importantly don’t forget to upgrade your wallet to the latest version. We are on the verge of a crucial hard fork for Burst – everything is looking good but we need everyone to be fully prepared.

Thank you and see you next week.

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

Want your Burst-related project to appear in the Weekly Burst Report? Contact me and I can mention it in the next episode.



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