The Burst ecosystem is currently abuzz preparing the three forks to come, vibrating to the beat of the countless GitHub commits pushed by tireless PoC Consortium developers. Yet, unaffected by this turmoil, a group of die-hard Burst enthusiasts is plotting (no pun intended) in the shadows to bring worldwide attention to our favorite crypto. Tamara Sanchez, Nixops and Pete Skrzyniarz identified what we were lacking – real-world usage with merchants – and decided to do something about it. In only a couple months, they successfully pitched Burst to many online and California-based stores, launching the first historic wave of Burst business adoption.

This fine example of community engagement doesn’t stop here, as they have many plans to push way further the momentum. In Burst, we want to play with the big boys. So, what is the best place to rub elbows with them? That’s right, a blockchain conference! Our three partners are proud and thrilled to represent Burst at Blockchain NW on June 5th, the first ever Seattle blockchain conference and a networking event focused on the business and technology of the crypto world.

Blockchain NW is expected to be one of the largest events of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, featuring more than 50 speakers from different perspectives to showcase the many utilizations of Blockchain across industries and markets. Burst will have its own panel and booth, as well as a dedicated video interview. This is an unique occasion to network with a vibrant ecosystem. As explains: « the region is no stranger to innovations in blockchain technology with global powerhouses like Amazon, Microsoft and T-Mobile all driving innovation in the field. The city is also home to familiar names in the space like Bittrex, Storm Token, Stably, CoinMe, New Alchemy, and plenty more. »

Additionally, Blockchain NW now accepts payments in Burst for entry tickets, with a 50% discount for community members using the promo code ‘BURST’. Tamara, nixops and Pete are looking forward to meeting all community members in Seattle, so come and say hi! They also organise a weekly meetup every Sunday in San Jose, CA.

Good things are right around the corner for Burst, and much more things are being planned already – so stay tuned.



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  1. This is really exciting news. How can we learn more about their success with pitching Burst adoption to local stores? Maybe we could duplicate their success in other cities (like mine in Richmond. VA).

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