The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every Sunday meant to centralize and outline the important Burst information of the week.

Weekly key data

Core wallet development statistics

– Files modified: 236 
– New insertions (+): 4,562 
– New deletions (-): 2,322 

Blockchain metrics

– Blockchain transaction count / change: 25,364 / -14.1% 
– Total wallets: 143,956 / +0.2% 

Network metrics

– Estimated Network Size (weekly average): 333 PB / -6.7% 
– Public Nodes: 921 / -2.0% 

Trading metrics

– High / Low: $0.033 / $0.024 USD 
– Trade volume / change: $4,280,408 / -74.4% 
– Market Capitalisation/ change: $47,160,761/ -21% 
– Weekly High vs All Time High (%): 25% 

Metrics by @Koru


  • We announced it last week: we are entering a heavy testing period before the first hard fork. The PoC Consortium is “happy to see a good community involvement in testing”, but as always: the more the merrier.
    • BRS 2.1.0 still has some issues, although those who participate in the tests can see how they are fixed. For the following week, developers will “repeatedly test the PoC1 to PoC2 switch on the TestNet. Until not only it works flawlessly, but until it gets rightout boring.” Developers are working flat-out to solve all the remaining bugs in time – the BRS 2.2.0 core version should be released approximately two weeks before the hard fork to give everyone time to update.
    • We need your help to make sure the hard fork goes as smooth as possible! If you can, please participate in the community-organized testing initiative and follow the instructions you can find in the thread.
  • The PoC Consortium would like everyone who still have unoptimized PoC1 plots to optimize them. There will be no direct migration path “unoptimized PoC1 to PoC2”.
    • If you are unsure if your plots are optimized or not, check if the plot filename is ending with repeating numbers like “15476509142711349490_21000000001_30303744_30303744” – it means you have an already optimized plot. Xplotter, Turboplotter and most plotting softwares create optimized plots by default – you might only concerned by this if your plots were made many months ago.
    • Concerning the PoC1 to PoC2 conversion, development teams of plotting softwares have started offering on-the-fly solutions for miners. CreepMiner now supports PoC2 conversion, Turboplotter has TurboSwizzler, and the PoC Consortium released a Perl script for that purpose. Another standalone PoC1 to PoC2 converter exists, but we have not reviewed the code.
  • There was one last remaining probem with the current BRS 2.0.4 core version that was preventing solo mining. The PoC Consortium found out it was due to a missing config option. If you want to solo mine with a BRS 2.0.4, set these options and you are good to go:
  • Reddit user cakepodharry released a Burst explorer Android application. It includes many features:
    • Search for and view blocks, accounts and transactions
    • Keep a list of accounts you are watching
    • Keep an eye on the current Burst price, both in BTC and USD
    • Observe the current status of the Burstcoin Network
    • Countdown the days until the upcoming POC2 fork!

    Icing on the cake: the app is open-source. Cakepodharry is looking for contributors and translators – contact him on Telegram (@harry1453)!

  • A new mining pool software is being developed by community member KingChronox.


The community-organized Burst Guerilla Marketing group had a meeting on the Discord channel this Sunday.

  • The ideas of a Burst Marketplace and a venture to set up a plotting service were discussed. Interest will be gouged this week.
  • The BGM twitter is “continuing to be a success”.
  • YouTube videos are in the making, mostly introductory.
  • The planning stage for the article campaign is now over. There are some volunteer writers ready to start working on articles, but BGM is still recruiting. Expect more articles soon.
  • Progress is being made with the Polish translation for the wallet, and BGM is still looking to translate it into other key European and Asian languages.
  • Meetups are going to be planned soon. It has already started here.


  • The community discussed at great length the possibilities we have for getting Burst listed on Binance. This is something that many people have been requesting for a long time, however there are a few things to consider:
    • Since we are in the midst of a heavy technological turnaround, it would be preferable to wait for at least the first hard fork to be implemented.
    • The PoC Consortium developers are not willing to participate in a crowdfunding effort for many reasons they expressed already. They would not interfere in any way with a community-led effort if such thing was to happen, but they would not endorse it either.
  • Burst appeared in leobosankic’s list of environmental-friendly cryptocurrencies.
  • A new episode of the Harvey Harddrive comic: Whales.


We are fast approaching the pre-Dymaxion hard fork date (block 500,000 – less than 10,000 to go). It is essential that we use the remaining time we have to prepare and make sure the transition goes as smooth as possible. We cannot stress enough how important testing is – we would like to thank all users currently taking part in it, and encourage others to join this effort. Let’s do this together.

Thank you and see you next week.

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

Want your Burst-related project to appear in the Weekly Burst Report? Contact me and I can mention it in the next episode.



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