• Added ability to resume plotfile.
  • Burstneon block catcher added to Repository for direct H2 Import.
  • Updated Pool list
  • Windows scale factor is now compatible with Qbundle
  • No internet connection should no longer cause crashes.
  • Addressed an issue in Plotter saying there is an overlap when there is not.
  • Plotter now supports RS address for account id.
  • Checks that correct .net version is installed.



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  1. Please mail the proper steps to fallow, I got really confuse why it’s not downloading the blocks, I have seen many videos in youtube they are showing different different steps to fallow, please help me out,Its about a week since i got the wallet installed but It is not working.

  2. I got my qbundle installed, got the blockchain files also and imported successfully, but is is showing downloading blockchain after 4 days also, stuck on that same block, can you help ?

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