The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every Sunday meant to centralize and describe the major Burst events that happened during the week.


Core development statistics since last week:
– Files modified: 120
– New insertions (+): 20,003
– New deletions (-): 14,618
Total since the release of 1.3.6cg: 85,134 insertions (+), 132,900 deletions (-).

  • More details about the Dymaxion! As the countdown is slowly decreasing and we are getting closer to December 27th, the PoC Consortium revealed more information to what it called “the biggest update to any crypto to date.”
    • On an exclusive interview they gave to The Burstcoinist, the developers ruled out a few things. The Dymaxion isn’t a partnership, and it isn’t a new feature. That narrows the range of possibilities. They clearly emphasized the fact that it is going to be something very large with some very bold statements, but also that Burst will remain Burst. “Lack of advancement will be the last thing the Burst community will mourn about in 2018.”
    • The speculation is going strong in the Burst community. @ryanw made a great forum post that summarizes everything that we know so far. The latest rumour? A little reply made on Discord by PoC Consortium developer rico666 grabbed some attention:undefinedHe responded with more precision later on: “The PoCC does not deny or qualify anything that you brought up. Except I’d be careful – if someone coughs it can have different reasons…”
  • @Quibus released the version 1.4 of Qbundle, the all-in-one Windows launcher. Changes include a dynamic plotting that can automatically add and remove plots files in the background, Burst price info and online/local wallet switch. You can download it and read the full changelog on GitHub. If you are already using v1.3, automatically update by clicking on Files -> Check for updates -> Download.
  • The PoC Consortium made another update to their explorer to include a notification service. The observer scans the network and the status periodically – people can subscribe for wallets they are interested in / want to monitor to be informed if the status of the wallet changes. The PoCC is now monitoring its global network of nodes this way.
  • BurstNation is going to release the first ever Burst mixer this week, after two months of coding from the ground up! According to @MisterBurst, “this is the most sophisticated coin mixer, inspired by bitcoin mixers that already exist since several years, yet with plenty of unique additions and features that are in place to ensure ultimate layers of anonymity.”


  • Another week, and another round of upgrades for the Burst subreddit! There were some graphic changes to give a “minimalistic, clean, and modern look”. This is becoming a great place to discuss with the Burst community and it is growing fast! So fast @MrPilotMan is now looking for a new moderator to assist in moderating the sub. You can apply by filling out this form.
  • Burst has been added to, a website that works as a central block explorer for many cryptocurrencies at once.


  • Burst in the mainstream news!
    • The Swiss newspaper ‘Basler Zeitung’ published an article about Bitcoin’s energy consumption and cited Burst as an alternative.
    • ‘Hp De Tijd’, “one of the four most influential Dutch opinion magazines” according to Wikipedia, also mentionned Burst in an article.
  • An interesting chart. This is the historic balance chart of the Poloniex Exchange:What is interesting is that the amount of Burst on poloniex is getting smaller. People are pulling their coins off the exchange – we may be witnessing the beginning of a change in the way people see Burst: more are starting to consider it as a long term investment rather than a day trading instrument.
  • All people that are mining on the pool must update the adress to be BURST-GATX-U4KB-7AWU-H3N8S.
  • You may remember @cryptojam’s story from last week, who planned to print Burst flyers to distribute around. Well, he gave away 150 of those! You don’t have to go to these lengths, but this is how everybody can make a difference: talk about Burst, spread the knowledge – good things are even better when shared!


The amount of good signals is getting higher and higher every week. With the prospect of a BFA in 16 days, with Burst being in a serious uptrend in USD value and starting to get mentionned on articles about Bitcoin’s energy consumption, with the amount of development and new community members joining every day, I think I can safely say that we are currently witnessing the start of something great. Stay tuned in, join the forums / chats if you have not already, and enjoy the ride.

Thank you and see you next week,

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)


PS: if I forgot something in that report, PM me on any forum and I will make sure to mention it next week.





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