“What is The Dymaxion?” – This has been the question on everyone’s lips for the past few days. With the release of a countdown page and a few promising hints, the PoC Consortium has shown its will to get noticed. We managed to get some of the developers for an interview to hopefully get more hints before December 27th.

Tom Créance: Let me come right to the point. What is The Dymaxion?

rico666: We won’t answer that, yet.

ac0v: In case you have not been following the Burst ecosystem in the last few days, there are two things you should know: The Dymaxion will start “Stage 2” of the PoC Consortium strategy, and it is going to be big.

cgb: At this point in time, we do not want to disclose too much information. Just keep in mind, the Dymaxion will finally enable Burst’s full potential.


Does the PoCC consider the stage 1 of its plan complete?

rico666: The Stage 1 announcement was our way to introduce ourselves to the Burst community, which was at the time in a badly broken state, and to disclose our intentions. Significant improvements have been made in a little more than 4 months. Wallets are now completely stable and have been improved in many ways over 3 releases. We have a network of DDoS-proof infrastructure: online wallets, pool, wiki, etc. We created a new block and network explorer packed with functionalities. We released a high quality mobile wallet allowing to use Burst in everyday situations.
So, back to your question; in the Stage 1 post the following passage is quite representative: “Now it is quite important that you do understand this announcement as what it is and what it is not. It’s certainly not some sort of one-time event or snapshot. We are announcing the beginning of a process.” – The stage 1 has no defined limits.


I have seen a few people speculating about new partnerships for Burst. Can we expect such a thing?

rico666: I mentioned it already on bitcointalk – Burst is a coin. A currency. Base technology. Partnerships are so inappropriate. Burst will be there for everyone, for Microsoft as well as for the biggest competitors of Microsoft. I mean, when have you ever heard the last time about a partnership between the US Dollar and Exxon?

ac0v: We think that every coin reducing them to one (or even more) partnerships is a lost cause already. The Dymaxion isn’t a partnership. It will, however, be the foundation of ALL partnerships.

“The Dymaxion isn’t a partnership. It will, however, be the foundation of ALL partnerships.”


So, how deep will the changes be? Is Burst going to remain fundamentally the same?

ac0v: Rest assured that Burst isn’t going away. Burst will remain Burst. Yet, as stated in the roadmap, the goal of the Dymaxion is “improving the Burst fundamentals”. So it is really about the Theseus paradox that Rico often mentions.

rico666: Exactly. Does an object that has had all of its components replaced remain fundamentally the same? We already stated that Burst will not have a single line of code untouched. It’s almost a philosophical topic here.


Burst remains Burst, and it’s not a partnership. Can you at least give us another example of what the Dymaxion isn’t?

ac0v: We have seen several people talking about potential new features for Burst brought by the Dymaxion. While improving the current features Burst has – and possibly adding others – is of course going to be considered, it isn’t our main objective at this point in time.

rico666: Yes. As we all know, Burst was initially a fork of Nxt – many features were copied from it in the first year. When we started working on Burst a few months ago, we naturally looked up to Nxt. But the more we dove into the matter and the more the vision of a future Burst became apparent, the smaller Nxt got. It’s a fact: Nxt has become conceptually too small for us. By moving the whole source to brs.* namespace, cutting off last remnants of Nxt code legacy, we made a symbolic step to emancipate Burst from Nxt.

cgb: It is not superficial, neither is it in any way a convergence of Burst towards a PoC-based Nxt.


What can we expect until December 27th?

cgb: Perhaps, a White Christmas.


So we should accept the mystery for now.

rico666: Yes. The Dymaxion will make Burst a bigger, better coin and yet Burst will remain Burst. Lack of advancement will be the last thing the Burst community will mourn about in 2018.

“Lack of advancement will be the last thing the Burst community will mourn about in 2018.”


Do you advice people should buy Burst?

rico666: Personally I never bought or sold a crypto based on external advice. I am utterly confident in the ability of the PoC Consortium to take this coin way further than it has ever been. Should anyone buy it if in doubt? Of course not! I’m hodling as can be seen in the public top100 richlist.

ac0v: Hodling too. Everyone must decide for himself.

cgb: Burst is a great coin and we will work hard to make it even better. I’m not comfortable if that creates any hype, so I suggest everyone keep calm.


Thank you for your time.


You can follow the PoC Consortium advancements on GitHub.

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