• Added Full wallet mode.
  • Added Account Manager with AES 256bit encryption.
  • Added CPU Instructionset detection.
  • Added support for XPlotter.
  • Added Reward Recipient handling.
  • Added Support for Blago’s miner.
  • Added Support to install wallet as a windows service.
  • Added Setting to allow usage of remote wallet for verifications.
  • AddedView to see if wallet is synced.
  • Changed name to Qbundle
  • Improved Exception monitoring
  • Improved Processhandling

Core wallet 1.3.6cg included.




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  1. Is there somebody who can help me with the installation of a Windows burst wallet. I downloaded the zip, unpacked it and then?
    How to make a desktop icoon and how to open it.
    Please help me as soon as possible.

    1. I get the message by clicking the burst wallet button ; “Qbundle has not the writepermission to his own folder. Please move to another location or change permission.

      Please help me as soon as possible….

      1. Hi,

        You have uziped the Qbundle package in a location where it cannot write settings files and such. Please move the unzipped folder to another locatation like “C:\Qbundle” where you do have write permission.

        Also, Please check that you have .net framework 4.5.2 or later installed.

        To get a desktop icon you can rightclick the exe and hold while draging it to the desktop. You will get an option to create a shortcut when you release the button.

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