The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every Sunday meant to centralize and describe the major Burst events that happened during the week.

  • In the sake of organization and transparency, the PoC Consortium is now centralizing its development efforts in one single GitHub page.
  • As you can see here, many commits happened lately. “The wallet is undergoing a major reconstruction”, according to Rico666. Something big could be ahead. The code is currently being refactored to make it better, simpler and more flexible, as well as removing the old NXT occurences.
  • The PoC Consortium is also working on its explorer. This week, they made a small update adding QR codes to accounts’ page, in order to make the explorer a good partner to the mobile wallet.
  • There is now a brand new Burst Visual Identity Guide. Logo and icon usage, color palette, typeface… Everything is in there! This is accompanied by a rebuild of the Logo and Graphics page on You can now find “Burst Accepted Here” and “Powered By Burst” images! All marketing resources are now kept on a specific GitHub page.
  • BurstNation released a new software: the Burst Spy Gadget. It allows a user to monitor the blockchain and instantly notify transactions, including asset exchange orders. The notifications will show on your windows desktop just like other applications such as discord or skype. The source code is available on GitHub.

  • The @Burstcoin_dev twitter page has been redesigned to fit under the new Visual Identity guidelines.
  • The burst-team forum went through some downtime but it should be resolved now. If it ever happens again, just remember you can keep the discussion going on the two other forums dedicated to Burst – the GetBurst forum and BurstNation – or even on reddit. If you prefer live chatting, join us on Discord!

  • I have been told that Burst has been added to Prism, the Shapeshift’s trustless portfolio market platform. However I can’t confirm this information as I did not check it by myself.
  • After a little discussion that happened a few days ago on the Burst-Team forum, I would like to remind everyone to always prefer using local wallets instead of online wallets for obvious security reasons. Setting up a local wallet is very easy and quick on Windows thanks to Quibus’ launcher.

The wallet code refactoring that is going on is in my opinion a very important step toward bigger goals. We are finally removing the NXT remnants from the core, and we are building the foundations necessary to build bigger, better things. Those who follow closely the Burst ecosystem must have noticed the many hints that Rico666 made on the Burst subreddit. I would simply say that this was a good, promising week.

Thank you and see you next week,

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

PS: if I forgot something in that report, PM me on any forum and I will make sure to mention it next week.


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