The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every Sunday meant to centralize and describe the major Burst events that happened during the week.


  • The beta 4 of the Proof of Capacity Consortium (PoCC) mobile wallet has been pushed on Google Play. Everybody is welcome to download and test it – it is already fully functionning and running on MainNet, even though a lot of improvements are planned and worked on. There is no need to register and you can choose the backend wallet of your liking if the PoCC one doesn’t suit you. You could also enter the TestNet backend wallet ( and fiddle around with it.
    • The official release will certainly happen before the end of September. Stay tuned!
  • The 1.3.6cg PoCC wallet version is still underway and “heavy work is being done on it” according to Rico666. On the bright news side: the network is now much healthier and stable than a month ago. We have now more than 70% of valid nodes, against 60% on September 8th and only 38% at the launch of the network explorer. Major improvements have taken place and the Burst network is now much more solid than ever.
  • A new optimized plotter is operationnal. According to its author, it should be “the fastest way on Linux to get optimized plots”, if you have AVX2. Here is the GitHub link.



  • We just started a Burst infographics series where we are going to compare Burst to the current top cryptocurrencies to show that we deserve a place up there. In the first infographic, we compared Burst’s Proof-of-Capacity to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work. More will come.


This week was a bit quieter development-wise than what we got used to in the last month. However, the absence of new announcements doesn’t mean an absence of development. From what I understood after talking with several developers, all are very busy and excited with the things that are being worked on. I, for one, expect to be pleasantly surprised in the coming weeks.

Thank you and see you next week,

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

PS: if I forgot something in that report, PM me on any forum and I will make sure to put it in next week’s report.


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  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your update and perfect summery of thing going onwith Burst. It sounds verry promising and a lot off things seem to be happening with PoCC. I really appreciatie your effort (and off course also that of PoCC) and I’m already looking out to the next update -> keep it going because it will be an important part of building the Burst community and therewith make this coin shine like never before!

    Best regards


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