Burst enthusiasts and miners have known this fact for a long time: mining a cryptocurrency does not automatically lead to your power bill going through the roof or to seeing the temperature of your room getting dangerously close to Saharan levels. You can even mine without spending a single dime on cooling systems, bills, or hardware.

In fact, Burst’s Proof-of-Capacity protocol is a major step forward in the pioneering world of cryptocurrencies, and is beneficial to both miners and the coin itself. It allows the regular person to mine efficiently without fearing high costs, overheating, hardware obsolescence, and with the added security of knowing that your drives will stay operational if you ever decide to stop mining. It brings better mining decentralization to Burst because you do not have to compete with powerful corporations using specialized hardware like with Bitcoin. It is much more energy efficient than most mining protocols out there while staying entirely secure.

Bitcoin electricity consumption levels are getting close to those of all Iceland, and its mining network is being monopolized by big farms and corporations making billions of dollars every year. It is time to take a step back and acknowledge the fact that Bitcoin may not be as decentralized as some think it is.

As the growth of cryptocurrencies is expected to continue in the future, having one that stays in touch with the energy challenges of tomorrow while being a leader in terms of innovations shows a thrilling potential.



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  1. Awesome article. Helps me choose the correct way to mine! Bitcoin mining has gotten very expensive and most people cannot afford it. Knowing that burst is energy efficient, is it profitable? Well I guess I will be finding out soon! Thank you again for this article.

  2. Congrats to the infographic Tom. As far as I can see the content is current data, valid facts and visually appealing. I think Burst would do great in comparison with many “big” cryptocurrencies – it certainly holds some aces compared to Bitcoin.

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