Imagine you are interested in BURST – what is “big news” to you?

A new version of the wallet? A new website? Another exchange listing BURST?

For us, the availability of a 100% custom made mobile wallet was big news. Actually we were so excited we told some important guys and they also thought it was big news. So as we planned to release that info on September 11th 2017 (because that was exactly 1 month of PoCC) and as the weekly BURST report #2 from Tom Créance appeared on September 10th, a hint of something “big” upcoming was tweeted and published.

Then we made our announcement and while some people appreciated it as great “big” news, there were also a few other voices:

Now one could of course simply ignore utterances like this, but it made me think: “What did those people expect?” Hence the initial question in this article. I mean, did they expect Putin or Trump now to officially endorse BURST? Or China to ditch BTC and establish BURST as the official coin of Shijiu-da?

Did they expect Amazon to officially declare to be accepting BURST for payments? If they did, it certainly was a little bit oblivious, because while some day we may see BURST being accepted as natural payment method on the internet, there are quite a few steps to be made before that can happen.

And while our mobile wallet may be just the 1st step, please remember that even a journey of 1000 miles starts with a 1st step. In this case, the big news isn’t this “1st step”.  The big news is that you decided to undertake a journey of 1000 miles.



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  1. A good mobile wallet is a big news for a still relatively small cryptocurrency like Burst, as it is needed for real world use. The main goal must be to bring Burst closer to the “real economy” and to provide means to use the coin in an efficient way. This new wallet is a great step toward that.
    If you look at our general roadmap ( you can see that Burst developers are now focused on improving the basics of Burst – stability, reliability, accessibility. Once the foundations are solid, they can start building and improving Burst features on top of it. This new mobile wallet totally fits into those objectives and closes the 1st month of the PoCC in a very promising way.

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