Among the 1st questions we were asked after our PoCC announcement:

“Do you have a website?”
“Where is your roadmap?”

The answer to both these was “We have none”, although the reasons were different. For the project website – yeah we really do not have one, but we certainly hope to get one going at http(s):// some day.

As for the roadmap, we actually do have one, but we won’t tell you.

And here’s why:

For starters, it’s not carved in stone. Some things we hoped to achieve later in the process went much faster than expected, while others surprisingly took us longer (or are still being worked on when we had hoped to have them ready weeks ago).

While PoCC members work hard on the project (and if they can’t they leave it), we still have other jobs to attend to. We love doing what we do now, but there are time constraints. Also, contrary to popular belief, many of us do have families and a real life. This means we cannot and will not adhere to some pre-planned timelines which we may or may not be able to fulfill.

On the other hand, the project already gained – and still is gaining – traction, so there are some new PoCC members and applicants who promise to bring new capacities to this endeavor, which naturally changes timelines and makes new goals accessible. Rather than to spend time and resources to change/update an ever-changing roadmap/timeline, we decided to adopt a more agile approach: We publish what we have when it’s ready.

We do have a master plan and we’re in hot pursuit of it. We cannot even tell you (except hints) what our goal is. At least not yet, because you would not believe it and there is no one at the PoCC in the mood to convince disbelievers. It’s hard enough for many to swallow our 1000-2500 Sat prediction, so for the moment that’s a nice placeholder to have.

“But how? How do you want to achieve it?”

As things are now, the possible answers could be “None of your business.”, “Wait and see.”, “Have faith/patience/…” – However we do know this may not be entirely satisfactory to everyone, but that’s life. You can’t have everything. It also is intentionally repulsive to any institutional investor who might accidentally stumble across BURST – because the time is not ripe for them yet. For now, BURST is an invite-only and believe-only party.

We know we cannot have 100% of anyone’s trust right from the start. We most certainly never will have 100% (because no one should), but we definitely do have more trust now than we had one month ago. And in three weeks we will have more than we have now. Let’s also be honest with each other: We do not need any trust for what we do. We can do everything we do now with zero trust.

The fact is, you do not need a roadmap from us. All you need is to observe what we do, to extrapolate our work into the future and to correlate it with some of our claims. Then it’s up to you – and only you – to evaluate if the result of all this shows an extraordinary future picture or not.


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