The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every sunday meant to centralize and describe the major Burst events that happened during the week.


  • The Proof-of-Capacity Consortium keeps releasing new software with the goal of providing the network with more stable and healthy nodes.
  • BurstNation talked about their new Android wallet on their last live meeting and presented a neat promotional video made by John Luke. They announced that the development of the IOS version started this week – expect an IOS wallet soon!




The launch of all these new Burst websites were exciting and promising. The new official website will give a better, cleaner image of Burst to the general public. Development wise we are making progress toward a more stable and reliable network. Overall a very interesting week for Burst.

Thank you and see you next week,

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

PS: if I forgot something in that report, PM me on any forum and I will make sure to put it in next week’s report.


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