Meet a Developer is an interview series with Burst developers from all backgrounds to get their insight on development. In this first episode, we interviewed Rico666, a member of the Proof-of-Capacity Consortium (PoCC).

Hi Rico. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Rico666:  I would prefer not to disclose any personal or professional information about myself.  I can understand the desire to know people behind projects in order to be able to assess what to expect from them. Suffice to say I’m a computer scientist in my mid-40ties.  Once upon a time, Rolls-Royce would say only that its cars produced “sufficient” horsepower. The fellow reader may safely assume that my skills, experience and cognitive capacity are sufficient for any plans the PoCC may have with BURST.

And what about the organization to which you belong, the Proof-of-Capacity Consortium ? How is it organized?

R.:  It is in our first announcement: the PoC Consortium is a group of highly skilled and well funded individuals. Investors, executives, entrepreneurs, developers, admins, designers and college students. We are organized as a loosely and sometimes not-so-loosely coupled group with meritocratic tendencies.

An interesting way of operating. How and why did you and your team start working on Burst?

R.: Why: Some of us saw BURST as the prodigy which had been left in the gutter and thought it would be a pity to leave it there. How: We have our network. Jim knew John, John knew Brad… it was not hard to convince bright people to step into this project. Everyone wants to see the prodigy shining in the sun.

What future do you see for Burst?

R.: We believe, BURST should – for starters – be able to reach the same significance as NXT has today. Then we will go beyond that.

What are your plans to reach those goals?

R.: First we remove the technical debt BURST has amassed over the years. When the debt is at zero, we start amassing technical wealth. We establish means for BURST to map onto parts of a real economy. You should be able to buy and sell services and goods for burstcoins.

Sounds like a good way to go. Any exclusive inside information you can share with us?

R.: I can only say that there are bigger announcements in the pipeline than what you heard from the PoCC so far.

Anything else you want to say to the community?

R.: I doubt there is such a thing as “the community” now, but I would certainly wish for a thriving one in the future. What is there now, hasn’t left the best impression in me personally. There are some engaged individuals and there is “the rest”. Right now I can focus on technical aspects of the coin, but  there will be a time – not so far in the future – when these will be the least of its problems and the coin will need more of a “human factor”. The PoCC can repair BURST, it cannot repair the community. Only the community can do that.

How can our readers follow the PoCC advancements?

R.: We have our own Twitter page, and we post all our announcements on the GetBurst Forum. If anybody wants to interact with us, we also have a dedicated Discord chat.

Thank you for this valuable insight.

R.: My pleasure.


Interview by Tom Créance (@Gadrah) on 09/02/2017


The Proof-of-Capacity Consortium is currently looking for additional manpower. If you would like to be a part of it, apply at


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