The Weekly Burst Report is a report published every sunday meant to centralize and describe the major Burst events that happened during the week.

This first edition of the Weekly Burst Report is going to be a bit special – I will also include some of last month’s development in order to begin that report series with a strong base. Despite what a few people are claiming, Burst is very much alive and well and I will prove it here. Let’s get started.


  • The Proof-of-Capacity Consortium (PoCC) may be a young Burst organization that still has to prove itself (their announcement post has been made less than a month ago), but its developers have already started releasing new tools like there is no tomorrow. Their first goal is to improve stability of the network and they are starting out by actively adding infrastructure they find crucial and missing in Burst :
  • @Blago released a new version of its miner allowing a 25% reading speed increase. A must have! It is included in the new version 0.3.11 of @daWallet‘s AIO client that also fixed the broken online wallet.
  • Burstnation released a new mobile wallet for Android that includes sending and receiving burstcoins with QR code. You can download it on the Google Play Store.
  • The Burst-Team mobile wallet has been updated and is now managed by @daWallet until a developer willing to take care of it is found.


  • At the time of this Weekly Burst Report, the new official Burst website is not launched yet but it should be live in a matter of hours or day at most. I will edit that line when this will be the case.
  • @ryanw made a truly amazing job with a bunch a websites and services he created and provides the community with :
    • The new GetBurst forum, created to have a safe place to discuss without the Burst drama. You will also find all PoCC announcements there. Do not hesitate to participate as long as you respect the guidelines.
    • The BurstFAQ website : a place to find tutorials and FAQs related to Burst. The content is written by the community so making a tutorial or two is a great way to help Burst newbies.
    • The Burstfaucets website : a very useful place for new users to get their first coin to validate their account.
    • The Burstwallets website : you can find and download all Burst wallets on that simple but effective site.
  • A Burst wiki website has just recently been set up : It will need to be filled with content from the community : contact @daWallet if you want to help.
  • @lunyyft released a new Burst marketplace website : We now need more things to buy!



This first Weekly Burst Report is packed with exciting and promising things. What we can get out of this is that we are slowly getting out of the period of negativity caused by drama and a few developers jumping ship. The new websites, new developers, new infrastructure and tools mark the beginning of a new Burst era. I hope to see more positivity, and I want to remind you once again that Burst is a community effort – so let’s make this coin great together.

Thank you,

Tom Créance (@Gadrah)

PS: Contact me via PM if I forgot something in that report, I will make sure to put it in next week’s report.


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  1. Great to see some positivity for Burst in this article. Its been a fractious couple of months on the different forums. Great to see new developments happening for the coin from all sides. This new era of Burst is a great step forward. The community continued to grow regardless. Now we just need to get a few merchants on board and things will really take off.

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