creepMiner 1.6.0

@Creepsky Creepsky released this


  • Discard deadlines, that are different from the pool (#98)
  • Optimized plot reader + verifier (#105, 4032afc, 25ddf0f)
  • Removed logging of encryption-process (ae59de8)
  • Added LOGGING=service option for log-friendly output (7922780) thanks to alter3d
  • Fixed bug where on solo mining/pool mining on a pool without a target deadline no deadlines where found (f318a63, #110, #115)
  • Removed C++14 features for older compiler (#121)
  • Added a 5s timer to the submission loop for delay (#123) thanks to bryhardt
  • Fixed macOS related bugs (#125, #129) thanks to k06a
  • Added LOG_TERMINAL flag and removed micro optimizations
  • Removed invalid chars for salt (#128)
  • Added max wallet try count + wallet retry wait time (b1817df, 57f033e)
file description 32/64 bit version for Windows
creepMiner-1.6.0.tar.gz 64 bit version for Linux (Ubuntu)
mining.conf sample configuration file


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